April showers, more like an Arctic monsoon!

Firstly an update on Mike. He is feeling much better than he did on Saturday. He is still coughing, but it’s not as painful as it was. Of course he seems to cough more at night, waking yours truly, although it may simply be that I have no choice but to listen to him then. ;-)

As some of you will know, the weather has taken a turn for the worse here. Ironically the second they announced that the area is officially in a drought, the heavens opened and we had first the typical April showers (that bring the flowers that bloom in May) followed by constant rain with the odd hailstone episode and strong winds. I’m not a happy bunny, it’s wrecking my garden!

As you can see Toni’s bunny isn’t very happy either.

 I did have some good news on Saturday though, my ironing board collapsed and is now unusable (hooray!) Even better is the fact Mike has been too ill to take me to buy a new one (double hooray!) Unfortunately he decided to go online and order one yesterday (boooooo!!) Fingers crossed it takes a couple of weeks to arrive, by then Mike will have fished his shirts out of the pile and worn them any way.

Now don’t laugh at him Toni.

Happy Bud-day by Buddy

Hey it’s my birthday today.  Well my new birthday.  Since I joined the Kilgallon family on 9 September 2010 and was about 18 months old B thought it would be a good idea to add six months to that so my birthday is today.  It’s just as well it’s not tomorrow as that’s my Anti Pat’s birthday.  We call her that because her name is Pat and she’s frightened of me and all other dogs so doesn’t pat me.  Although she did once nearly do it by accident which made Paula laugh.

Here’s a video that P took of me opening my present from Toni who’s such a little sweetie.

I love it and so does P.

I got these three rings from B and P.  I think the secret is I need to get them apart.

This is a nice shot of my derriere as I hastily left my mat and present at the sound of B rustling something that would produce food in the kitchen.

Sometimes it was hard to decide which present I wanted to play with.

See…then I went back to the teddy.

And then I went back to the rings.

And then I bite the teddy’s bottom and it started to leak.  I like it when they do that.  P says she is going to stuff the white fluffy bits back into the body so I can do it again.

I crashed out after – all that disembowelling takes it out of you you know.

Would you Adam and Eve it.

We’re into August already! The work on the garden has continued, leaving poor Toni bare earth to lie on.
That was until Tuesday when we took delivery of this little lot:
As you can see Toni thought I was possibly a new piece of climbing apparatus, that or a means of escape.

We spent a day and a half in blistering temperatures careful laying it all. The results aren’t too bad either.

What’s that growing in the middle of your lawn I hear you cry.

That is our new fig tree, complete with 4 figs!
Oh and just to make Paula


At long last the pond is finished. Yes the slabs are meant to look like that, we will be adding some ground cover plants to fill the gaps in due course. We also took a shine to a garden arch that we spotted in the local DIY store.
As you can see from the photo we worked late into the night installing it. The plan is to have roses climbing over it. The photo was taken from the new concrete pad where a shed will be going, again in due course.
Of course a pond wouldn’t be complete without residents, so we’d like to introduce you to some of them.

You can see the three golden koi, the golden tench and

Something old.

Dear Auntie Paula,
I thought I would let you know what I have been up to recently. I had a bit of excitement on Monday night, well actually Tuesday morning at 1:30, when I heard a couple of foxes fighting outside the house. I jumped up to look out of the window and there it was, a fox. Being a friendly sort (ahem) I said hello, quite loudly so I could be heard and it looked up at me. Wow I thought, a fox is looking at me, so I shouted even louder and started wagging my tail. I tried to get Mike and Lorna to let me out to play, but they just grumbled about the time and went back to sleep.
The two of them haven’t been spending as much time playing with me recently, so I’ve had to amuse myself. Any way yesterday they were busy and I got bored.
Mom says she doesn’t know how so much stuffing fitted into such a small ball.
Sorry, Mom says it has had it this time.
Hope you, B. and Bud are wellLove Toni x x x