Ssh…. Don’t say it!

Before you say it I know it isn’t the 21st but I couldn’t resist sharing this photo with you all. 

It is a courgette or a butternut squash….. I don’t actually know as I forgot to label the pots. Only time will tell.

The sun is shining and Toni has found herself a sunny spot, better than the hail we had yesterday.

Spring seems to be on its way. 

Bad nurse, good nurse post 2.

Just back from visiting Mike. The difference from yesterday is amazing. His sickness is under control and the new ward are looking after him much better than the previous one. 

Mike is much chirpier and in his element as the chap in the bed opposite was told only yesterday that he has MM (hence the kidney problems). Mike has been telling him all about the wonderful staff on CHU (the chap is waiting for a bed so they can transfer him.) They have started the guy’s treatment, something else Mike stuck his nose into as the nurse couldn’t believe she had to give him 20 dexamethasone tablets this morning, she was sure they must be in a bigger dose than 2 mg, Mike told her they weren’t and of course when she looked them up in her drug book Mike was proved right. 

Mike loves sharing his myeloma journey with anyone who will listen. In fact the story he often tells now has a life of its own, he misses out bits and jumbles up when things happened. The general gist is right though. 

I don’t think Toni likes me leaving her alone, the second I got back and let her out she decided to take a dirt bath! 

Bad Lorna!

Well it has been a month since I blogged. Christmas is a far off memory and I didn’t even wish you all a Happy New Year! 

Still I thought I would share with you all the photos of Toni and her gift. 

Left me have a taste.

Nose licking good.

Death shake!!!

I didn’t hurt her.

Another quick taste.

A better death shake!!!!


Oh dear.

Sorry mommy. 
The tennis ball lasted about 2 minutes and is now in the bin, the rabbit was re-stuffed and sewn and is now happily residing in Toni’s toy bag. 

I’m currently struggling with my life as the “designated take care of people” person whilst simultaneously missing my brood of children. Not enough different voices in the house. 

I really must try and blog on a more regular basis. May be someone could suggest a theme.

Cottoning on

I would like to say that this post was about a marvellous piece of sewing, but it’s not. In fact I have sold my old machine on eBay and it is being collected over the weekend. 

I would like to say I have knitted a wonderful cotton top, but the knitting is still sitting in a bag under the coffee table, untouched for quite some time.

It isn’t even about a cotton-tailed rabbit, which is just as well as Toni would have put paid to it by now. 

No today is our cotton wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary darling, your cotton socks are in the post. 

First February Photo Friday

That’s a mouthful of a title! Happy February one and all. It is currently raining here, no surprise there then. 

As usual I am left wondering where January went. For a month with the full complement of 31 days it doesn’t half go quickly, has anyone else noticed that? Let’s hope the next four weeks don’t go so quickly, every day counts when you’re clinging on to a decade! 

Last night we watched a wonderful programme “Secret Life of Dogs” narrated by Martin Clunes. The dogs they featured were all amazing. One bottle fed lambs on a farm, another was a search and rescue dog and another, Max, diagnosed his owner’s breast cancer. There were tears for Endal the assistance dog who had died in his owner’s lap and joy at simply knowing what dogs mean to so many people.

Toni aged 3 months the day after we got her. 

Up until we got Toni I thought I was a cat person, I’d only ever had cats as pets. But since her arrival I have come to realise that I am in fact a dog person. I will never again be without a dog. She makes me laugh, she has kept me company when Mike has been in hospital and I cannot imagine life without her.

The following “video” is photos of Toni along with the noise she makes when I leave her. My daughter caught her doing it one day when she thought no one else was in the house.

It seems she can’t live without us either.

4:30 pm  A quick add-on, the rain stopped around lunchtime and I was able to get out into the garden to plant the hanging baskets with primulas. 

I didn’t use a flash and yet the yellow primula still shines like a buttercup! :-)

The snow remains

Those of you who know us lot on those little islands stuck somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between America and Europe will understand what happens when we get what is considered a bit of snow. The whole country closes down. There is a lot of complaining by the media about it. But if you consider that the weather is so changeable that we cannot even guarantee we will have snow or rain or sun in any given year then you will also understand  that we just aren’t set up for extremes. We don’t do 3 months of snow which doesn’t thaw until Spring or long hot summers that stretch for months.

The canal which froze covered in snow. 

So we still have snow. Snow that has frozen onto the pavements, which makes walking Toni a nightmare as despite several “no pull” harnesses and several years of attempted training, Toni will insist on pulling and then suddenly stopping as she picks up any interesting scents that might be wafting about. So in short I haven’t done any walking for a week now. 

I am hoping that it is the lack of exercise which is responsible for my slightly less impressive loss of only 1 lb this week. Still a loss is a loss and so I can’t complain too much! 

In other news, Mike had an appointment on Monday with his haematologist. It took all of 2 minutes to be told nothing has changed and come back in three months! I guess I shouldn’t complain about that either. 

Snowy Photo Friday

Like most of Great Britain we have snow today so my photo opportunities have been  limited with my very basic digital camera. The snow is that very fine stuff which always settles. It reminds me of something I heard as a child on a 1970s TV programme called HOW. They explained an old weather saying, “Big snow, little snow. Little snow, big snow.” The bigger the flake the smaller the amount of snow on the ground. 

Toni loves playing in the snow, but only when it has stopped falling, so for now she is just looking out of the window to check what is happening outside.

Auntie Sandy

Dear Auntie Sandy,

Mom has allowed me to borrow her account so I could drop you a quick note. 

Mom and Dad are both well. Mom still gets sad about Auntie Paula, in fact she woke up this morning sobbing as she had been dreaming about her. Mom asked Dad if it would ever get any better and he said not so much better but different. 

Of course Mom doesn’t have much time to be sad at the moment, she’s too busy making biscuits and cards to send out to friends and neighbours. Don’t tell her, but I’ve tried several of her wares and they’re not toooooooo bad. 

I am so excited about Christmas. I’ve been practising my present opening, Mom leaves them on the table for me and I open them and then she wraps them all over again and hides them in the loft. I heard her tell the rest of the house that unlike previous years Santa won’t be leaving the presents under the tree, what a mean man! If I get a whiff of him I’ll make sure he thinks twice about being so mean. 

Christmas Eve should be good too. We’re having another Italian Extravaganza made up of pizza, lasagne, lemon ricotta cheesecake, tiramisu, garlic bread, pizza, ice cream, a bit more pizza and of course a tiny bit more lasagne. I’m not sure what everyone else is eating though!

I think we might all have to start Shrinking Saturdays in the New Year!

I’ll try and Mom or Dad to post again before Christmas. 

Woof Woof


Time to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps!

I’ve decided it’s about time we got ourselves out of the doldrums caused by too many “bad” things over such a short space of time. I know that Paula wouldn’t have wanted us to be moping around forever. I still look every morning for an email from her, but that too will pass, to use an expression I’ve often heard.

Of course the weather doesn’t help. I think we’ve had two dry days the past month, one was on the day of Paula’s funeral and the other was yesterday. The garden has suffered for it. Nothing much has grown except the lawn which we can’t cut due to the rain and the chickweed which threatens to choke everything.

Toni, who hates getting wet, certainly doesn’t like the state of things. Having to “go” outside is a real problem. She firstly has to go out in the rain, which did I mention she hates and then she has to “go” on grass that is almost taller than her!

PLEASE don’t make me go out :(

Actually we did try and cut the lawn yesterday but someone left the mower too close to the garage door and during the mini flood we had last Thursday, water got into the handle. Now I thought “that was a week ago, it’ll have dried out by now.” Obviously not given the loud bang and black smoke that billowed out of it when we tried using it! No real harm was done and Mr Lawn Mower is now at the lawn mower hospital. I on the other hand will probably never be able to look at a Flymo again without breaking out into a cold sweat.

Oh no!

While I was busy washing up a parcel arrived.

Mike took it into the lounge and started opening it, well he got Toni to.

Can you tell what it is yet?

I’m not impressed with the service! Aren’t they supposed to lose it at the depot only to find it six months later after irate phone calls and threats of legal action?