Buzzing blogs.

Good morning fellow voyeurs. Now come on admit it, the reason we read other people’s blogs is because we are all a tiny bit voyeuristic or to put it another way, downright nosey! 

So I thought I would share two new blogs that I have recently found. The first one is written by another Deborah (Deb B.) who was originally a smoulderer, but is now a fully paid up member of the UK club. She seems to have an extremely interesting life and I’m a tiny bit jealous of that. :-) You can read her stuff here.

The second is completely unrelated to myeloma, but is by a strange coincidence linked to Deb B. who works in mental health. On Saturday we went to a fund raiser for a small charity called Volunteers For Mental Health more specifically for Sam and Laura who are about to go out to Romania to work in a psychiatric department. They have sold a lot of their belongings and had tried to sell their house to fund their trip. They are going to keep a blog which you can read here if you fancy it. 

I am also busy keeping up to date reading about RugbyHubby‘s exploits as he goes through his SCT. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind more cheerleaders should you wish to add your two penneth (two cents worth.) 

In other news, I have lost 1/2 lb this week, I think the copious amounts I drank over the weekend might not have helped. ;-)

The snow remains

Those of you who know us lot on those little islands stuck somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between America and Europe will understand what happens when we get what is considered a bit of snow. The whole country closes down. There is a lot of complaining by the media about it. But if you consider that the weather is so changeable that we cannot even guarantee we will have snow or rain or sun in any given year then you will also understand  that we just aren’t set up for extremes. We don’t do 3 months of snow which doesn’t thaw until Spring or long hot summers that stretch for months.

The canal which froze covered in snow. 

So we still have snow. Snow that has frozen onto the pavements, which makes walking Toni a nightmare as despite several “no pull” harnesses and several years of attempted training, Toni will insist on pulling and then suddenly stopping as she picks up any interesting scents that might be wafting about. So in short I haven’t done any walking for a week now. 

I am hoping that it is the lack of exercise which is responsible for my slightly less impressive loss of only 1 lb this week. Still a loss is a loss and so I can’t complain too much! 

In other news, Mike had an appointment on Monday with his haematologist. It took all of 2 minutes to be told nothing has changed and come back in three months! I guess I shouldn’t complain about that either. 

You see I can do it!

Home made low fat coleslaw 3.4 g fat per 100 g. 

I struggled to find a witty title for today’s post. I have days like today when my brain seems to be made of cotton wool and trying to think is like wading through treacle. Mike is lucky, he can always blame chemo brain, I have to blame my age! 

After last week’s major moan there was a mega “heated discussion” that lasted a couple of days, but eventually the air was cleared. I think that is why the past week I have behaved myself. I decided to go back to keeping a record of everything I eat and drink, so that if I have a good week in terms of weight loss I can go back and do the same should another week be less successful. This week I have eaten sensibly and walked about 10 miles.  The meals haven’t been boring either, Saturday was a low fat beef, onion and pepper burger with salad and low fat coleslaw, Sunday was a proper roast and Tuesday was Southern fried style chicken with wedges and coleslaw. I have lost 4 pounds. 

Let’s hope by tomorrow my brain is a bit more with it so I can think of a witty photo for Photo Friday!!!

Here’s to 2013!

Happy New Year everyone. It has just occurred to me that for those very superstitious people out there  it is going to be a very long year especially if they have to write down the shortened date on a daily basis! Luckily I’m not superstitious, but I am ever so slightly apprehensive about the milestone birthday which will arrive in June. 

As we start a new year with a nice fresh diary (actually I haven’t got one, I forgot both diary and calendar) I am resolute that I won’t be “fat and fifty”. So I will try my best over the next few months to lose a bit of weight and get into a reasonable shape. It won’t be easy, as I’ve mentioned before, my relationship with food tends to be rather chaotic, food to celebrate and food to commiserate, either way it is always the unhealthy stuff that makes it to my plate. I need to be in a permanent state of neutralness! I’m a total food addict. 

After the success of Thinning Thursdays two years ago I realised that having to report back to all my blog readers (real or imagined) spurred me on to actually lose weight each week for fear of the shame of reporting a gain. So I hope you will all indulge me and allow me to take up valuable space in the blog-o-sphere with my dieting anecdotes.  I might even post some really lovely recipes for low fat healthy meals including home made burgers and coleslaw (home made too), low fat Southern fried style chicken (baked in the oven) and of course my butter nut squash and  bacon soup. Tonight it is a healthy chilli con carne, the only argument will be how spicy to make it.


Well what do you know?

Not a lot is my usual reply. I have learnt over the last few months, what with TT and stuff that my relationship with food is complex very simple. I use food as a celebration; weddings, birthdays, winning the lottery, having good news. I also use it as a comforter; funerals, bad news, lonliness. When I’m bored I cook, when I’m happy I cook, when I’m depressed I cook, let’s be honest I generally cook! So it is easy to see how I got to put so much weight on, especially over the last couple of years with no job and no-one to keep me company. Today’s baking falls into the “I need cheering up” category. I’m suffering from Aussie withdrawal.

Lemon icing cupcakes
Having had 2 weeks off the D.I.E.T. thing I of course gained a couple of pounds, not that I mind in the slightest, it averages out at less than 3 ounces a day, a very small price to pay for all the joy I have had over the last fortnight. It does mean that I won’t be eating any of the above!!