Spring is here!!!

Finally, our weather is beautiful. Today should be in the low ’70’s. Hurray!!!!

“Spring is coming, Spring is coming,

Birdies build their nests, weave together straw and feather, each doing their best”…..

That’s a Waldorf song.  When we homeschooled, even though it was only my son, we still did a morning circle, which always included a poem, verse, or song. It might have seemed silly to do with only the 2 of us but we did it anyway. One year we memorized the whole song of LOTR’s The Misty Mountains!!!  Well, anyway, that was a tangent.

So, lots to do today, including washing my VW.  We’re going to go to Home Depot for some plants that were on sale( if there’s any left), then a few other chores.

Dinner is a salad pack I bought yesterday and maybe a piece of chicken.DSCF0004