I’m wasting my young years. It doesn’t matter. I’m chasing old ideas. It doesn’t matter
Wasting My Young Years – London Grammar

Check up (from 10th Jan tests): … Haemoglobin 12.4 … Neutrophils 2.26 … Platelets 176 … Kappa FLCs 61 …

My scores. Blood count normal, normal and normal. Even my lymphocytes (0.86 and counting) are getting more normal. (The lack of them was what sent me scurrying to hospital when I got a fever last month.)

And my light chains are actually DOWN. I was beginning to get used to them creeping up…. 62… 65… 69 in previous tests. Changes at this level are meaningless (number too volatile, test too sensitive), but even so I imagined a trend where I would very slowly emerge from remission. But no.

I think these are the best results I’ve ever had.

I was so pumped up, I decided today was the day to go for a run. Only a mile and a half. But crucially, I was not in pain. That’s my first run for 98 weeks, since the time I broke my back. A really quite significant mile stone, then and now.