M Spike Remains 0.1

After several months off of maintenance recent labs show everything to be unchanged. My M-Spike remains at 0.1 and my other numbers look solid. The real good news is that the neuropathy I was feeling in January, has gotten much better. I am sure 14 months of intense treatment just caught up with me, so the little break was probably needed and definitely enjoyed.

I have been slow to document how things have been going, mainly because with the reduction of cancer treatment, life has picked up. A third kid in the mix takes away from much of the free time I experienced in the past. I find myself cooking pancakes “with syrup mistakes” in the morning for Ocean and helping him get ready for school and the day ending with a hour routine to get the kids in bed. By 8:00pm I am pretty spent and Cassie and I use this time to watch a movie or read together.

All in all we are returning to our new normal. I am still very passionate about putting an end to Multiple Myeloma. I have given several talks over the last few months to help build Multiple Myeloma awareness and encourage people to push through their own life struggles. That has been very rewarding.

Lastly, we celebrated back to back birthdays this past week. First, our precious gem, Ruby, turned 1!!! She continues to smile in delight and shower her love and joy on anyone willing to receive. Following her birthday we were blessed with the birth of another nephew. His name is Eli Philip and he already has the “Hail” and “Go Blue” fist pump down and he is not even a week old.

I hope everyone continues to dominate and if you are interested, let me know how you are doing by leaving a comment!

No News, Is (often) Good News

No April Fools…I am alive and well.
I recently have been logging hours back at work. I am focused on customer upgrades to a new version of our software. Throughout the week I will hear nothing about upgrades and in my status meeting that I facilitate I always enter it not knowing what to expect. Although, 90% of the time if I haven’t heard about something prior to the meeting, no news is good news.
That’s the case with the project we took on last year to re-boot my immune system and dominate Multiple Myeloma. The reprogramming process is going well, albeit I have been dodging sick kids left and right over the last two months. All there is to report is a little neuropathy which we are throwing a lot of Vitamin B at and postponing maintenance.
Most of my time is centered around the kids and coming alive as a dork again by growing interests in what Cassie reminds me are dorky things like studying Customer Development in my spare time. So life is returning to our new normal. It hit me last night that three kids is like three points in space that create a flat plane (unless they are linear of course, Phil = dork). With one and even two kids, we had a lot more freedom, but with the third, our playing field is set and now we can focusing on growing a fun and awesome family.
To that end I have enjoyed every moment of every day that I get to hold and interact with Ruby. She turns 1 this month as I head towards my one year anniversary of my first bone marrow transplant. Cassie and I cannot even recall any memories of Iris until she was two, so we are gobbling up Ruby time. Although we may not ever believe Iris existed prior to age 2, I am falling more fondly in love with this girl the older she gets. She now says that she loves me, but only in addition to mommy. She’ll even kiss my knee from time to time. Last weekend we went out on a date to her restaurant of choice and she even dominated a sundae…yum!
Ocean continues to grow and mature at a speed unknown to man. I now know what it means to be extroverted. He can’t get enough daddy time and he wants to do everything that I am doing. So he’s a little dominator in training with a great sense of humor. Last week when I took him to school he got all the kids calling him “bobble head” in stead of Ocean.

I hope everyone else is well and still dominating! I hope to engage the MM community more as our life continues to stabalize after a year of colorful chaos.