M Spike Remains 0.1

After several months off of maintenance recent labs show everything to be unchanged. My M-Spike remains at 0.1 and my other numbers look solid. The real good news is that the neuropathy I was feeling in January, has gotten much better. I am sure 14 months of intense treatment just caught up with me, so the little break was probably needed and definitely enjoyed.

I have been slow to document how things have been going, mainly because with the reduction of cancer treatment, life has picked up. A third kid in the mix takes away from much of the free time I experienced in the past. I find myself cooking pancakes “with syrup mistakes” in the morning for Ocean and helping him get ready for school and the day ending with a hour routine to get the kids in bed. By 8:00pm I am pretty spent and Cassie and I use this time to watch a movie or read together.

All in all we are returning to our new normal. I am still very passionate about putting an end to Multiple Myeloma. I have given several talks over the last few months to help build Multiple Myeloma awareness and encourage people to push through their own life struggles. That has been very rewarding.

Lastly, we celebrated back to back birthdays this past week. First, our precious gem, Ruby, turned 1!!! She continues to smile in delight and shower her love and joy on anyone willing to receive. Following her birthday we were blessed with the birth of another nephew. His name is Eli Philip and he already has the “Hail” and “Go Blue” fist pump down and he is not even a week old.

I hope everyone continues to dominate and if you are interested, let me know how you are doing by leaving a comment!