August Update

As promised – just wanted to post the results from Alpesh’s latest blood work.  Kappa Lightchains are about 26 mg/L so very slightly above the range and the ratio between kappa and lambda still remains within range.  Most importantly no M protein (yay!) and nothing to indicate that the disease is rearing its ugly head at […]

Infrequent Updates

I have been approached by a few disappointed friends/family-members to find out if I have stopped updating the blog since my last post was in March.  Whilst I love communicating with you all, my infrequent updates are truly and thankfully a sign that things are going well and not that I am too busy!   I […]

Looking back … and forward …

2011 was definitely a rollercoaster year for us in terms of emotions.  We had some significant events – some good and some bad -that changed our lives but 2011 was a good year in terms of Alpesh’s health and that is always a tremendous achievement considering three Christmas’s ago, we really didn’t know if he’d make it this far!   December results […]

Kappa/Lambda Ratio

I have had numerous people ask me about Alpesh’s latest bloodwork results to see if the Kappa lightchains went up or down so I wanted to make sure I got the results on the blog as soon as possible.   The suspense is all over … they went down, very slightly, but definitely down.  On the flipside, the […]

Up Again

Our celebration last month from the great bloodwork results appears to be short-lived unfortunately.  Alpesh’s kappa lightchains are back up again to 28 mg/l!  That’s a big jump and we are completely baffled as to why this is so much higher than the month before.  The ratio between kappa/lambda is now 1.8 which is higher […]

An impromptu bone marrow biopsy pays off …

On Friday May 20th, during Alpesh’s monthly Dr Z appointment, we convinced Dr Z to do an impromptu bone marrow biopsy to ease our concerns over the fluctuating kappa lightchains in the blood.  Those things look painful so I am not sure I would have been up to an unexpected drilling through my bone, but Alpesh was ready and willing to bear the […]

Great Start …

It’s a short and sweet post this month.  Happy New Year to those we haven’t spoken to! We just had a Dr Z appointment last week and he confirmed that the 24 hour urine test was completely normal with no trace of M protein. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Alpesh is still taking the 15 mg of […]

Goodbye 2010 …

We hope you all had a great holiday season!  Now that all the festivities are drawing to a close, we wanted to share a quick update before we bring in the New Year.  Latest blood work remains unchanged.  The Kappa lightchains continue to be higher than normal but since the ratio of the lamda/kappa is […]

Two years and counting …

October 6th 2010 went by and I don’t think Alpesh or I even acknowledged THE day when two years ago, we learned of his diagnosis – shame on us!   We didn’t even stop to think that two years ago we weren’t even sure he’d make it this far … it’s scary how we all fall […]

Up and Down We Go …

Firstly we wanted to thank you all for all your supportive and encouraging messages after the fabulous PET scan results we got in July – we were inundated with feedback. Thank you so much! So, here we are in hot, hot, hot August. We had a wonderful time in beautiful Costa Rica with our friends. […]