It’s not all about numbers for me

Although I often fixate on numbers, trends, statistics; a big part of who I am is my faith and belief in the unseen. This is probably why I am filled with so much hope that through all this treatment and prayer I live with confidence that I will receive a positive outcome and so will the others on this journey with Multiple Myeloma.
A couple of months ago I mustered up some strength to share my life journey at the Ann Arbor Vineyard Church (FF to 22min mark). While preparing for the talk it became very obvious that the last 6 years of my life (Cassie’s too) has been filled with a lot of loss, pain and what I would sum up as darkness.
But it hasn’t felt like extreme darkness, although a quick recount of all the unfortunate and outright horrible experiences would deem otherwise. Today I stumbled across a verse that made me realize why I haven’t been consumed by the lurking and frequently consuming darkness in my life.
You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light. -2Samuel 22:29
In my struggle to understand life, marriage, work, kids and now cancer; God has taken the darkness that has often times surrounded me and transformed it into a light that has shined onto my path to bring direction, clarity and ultimately comfort in knowing that He is there to shepherd me so that I don’t have to go at this life alone. The greatest part…is that regardless of what happens…I know how the story ends.
Dominate Life.