Another Results Day

Good news to share. My blood tests were fine and the skeletal survey showed no lesions. My oncologist said the disease could remain indolent for years. I will still need a set of blood tests every 2 months, another set every 4, and another skeletal survey in a year. Should things change I will start treatment, which will most likely be a stem cell transplant. Although I am relieved,  am also very aware the disease could progress at any time. And that begs the question…

I wonder what flips the switch from having an indolent myeloma to needing treatment? What triggers this progression? How does my body “know” keep this disease dormant? According to my oncologist, I cannot control the disease’s progression and should just live a normal life. However, I am not convinced the disease is beyond my control. 

My strategy – thinking positive, lowering stress, making better food choices (something I struggle with), taking vitamin D and curcumin supplements, and “willing” my body to kill the myeloma cells. The former might sound goofy, but hey, it’s free and can’t do any harm. Besides, when dealing with a disease that at times makes me feel helpless, it’s empowering, and somewhat similar to meditation. Since I have very high iron levels, I’ve been advised to skip multivitamins. He’s still unsure of what’s causing the retention of iron, but believes it’s due to the myeloma.

Thanks to all of you for your kind emails, and to fellow MM patients, keep on fighting. More effective therapies are just around the corner.