Further To The Post Of Yesterday.

Just the best news received today at Hamada’s consultation at Lincoln. I felt he was doing well (see below) but to my surprise, the Para Protein results were through and a wonderful drop of 5 !! was recorded and is now at 16. All bloods have improved some. So with bated breath dare I say it looks like Revlimid is working it’s magic! This was such a surprise to us, as we did not think we would get these results so soon. Hamada has had just one course of Revlimid so far.

I can hear him in the other room snoring as he has a little nap and if I peep I am sure there is a smile on his face, as there was on the consultant’s today. How wonderful is this, such a long time since I have been able to write something positive and far too long since we have had any good news to report. What a warrior!!