I’m Not Alone Apparently

“The simplicity of it is, We’ve been living our life. Apparently so have many others. It’s a positive.” – Lori Puente, Myeloma Caregiver  I was noticing a few things in my stats and so like following bread crumbs, it took me to old haunts. Blogs. Websites. I began to wonder, “Oh yeah, how are they […]

The List

  “Has anyone seen my brain? It ran off flailing and screaming about being overwhelmed this morning. I’d really like it back.” – Unknown   This week I’m dog sitting nearby at someone’s home (not my usual, they usually stay at my house). Anyway, it’s a good quiet time for me to ponder all the […]


“Hidden Agenda: an often duplicitously undisclosed plan or motive.” A recent “report” by a group called ICER (Institute for Clinical and Economic Review) has issued a 139 page “DRAFT” of a report attempting to evaluate Multiple Myeloma, it’s treatment protocols, drug cost comparisons and QALY (Quality-Adjusted Life Year see: Wikipedia Definition). Given my headlining quote, […]

What Passes for Entertainment

I was reading the latest version of Texas Co-op Power Magazine, the periodical that I get because I'm get my electricity from GVEC, and I came across this article.

What struck me first is that with today's low standards for entertainment, the Texas Giants would definitely get a reality TV opportunity. We'd see them fight over a tall girl, one would marry a midget, they'd play basketball in a rec league. I'm going to start looking for a tall group of brothers today.

I also thought about how the entertainment scene in their time was so incredibly limited in comparison to today. No TV, no radio, no movie theaters, no Internet … Nothing. So a traveling circus was huge. It brought sights and sounds and characters that the local people had never known. A perfect scenario for a hustler/promoter/producer like PT Barnum.

I think the reality TV producers and developers are today's PT Barnums. But they have so much competition and clutter that they have to be much better than Barnum. They have to find the extremes, the people who are so far over the top that the "normal" people in this world will take notice and, more importantly, give their time and eyeballs and ears.

But this consistent effort to drill down deeper and deeper, this race to the bottom is not without reward.

H.L. Mencken captured it perfectly. "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

All I have to say to prove this point is "Honey Boo Boo."

Mind, Body, Spirit

“You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.”  – C.S. Lewis I use to ponder this as a pre-teen, in my confusions rolling around in my head trying to understand a Sunday School lesson, or a conversation with another pre-teen about God. I had come to this conclusion and actually […]

A New Place in an Old Town

I've been to Cleveland several times since on business since July 2012.

Every time, I've stayed at the same Holiday Inn.

But this trip, I'm at a different hotel, and I'm finding myself feeling very awkward, The two hotels are not that far apart.

It's just that I had a clear route to and from the office. I knew where restaurants were located, and I knew where the Walgreens was.

But here, I have to rely on Google Maps to get me there. After a couple of days, I'm sure I'll become more comfortable with my new route, and I'll see restaurants and stores along the way.

I'll get by. It just feels like it would be better if I was at the Holiday Inn.

I’m NOT the Holiday Inn

Joy of joys. I've just discovered that the Holiday Inn Express in Hutto, Texas has a similar phone number to mine. While my number has a 210 area code, the Hutto Holiday Inn Express is 512.

So, if someone in the 210 area code isn't careful and doesn't include the area code, they get me.

I think I'll use this to my advantage and start booking our guest room.

It was just a drip

On American Airlines from San Antonio to DFW, the flight attendant reaches from the aisle to my window seat to hand me a glass of water. She sloshed it a bit, a single drop of water spilled out and landed on the leg of the older lady sitting next to me.

She didn't seem to know where to direct her anger … at me or at the flight attendant. So she gave both of us the angriest look, as if we'd doused her with a gallon of ice water.

She seemed angry the remaining 30 minutes of the flight, and gave me another crappy look as we stepped into the aisle to leave the plane.

So, have a nice day 16E, I hope that's the worst thing that happens to you today.

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Happy 2013

It's another new year, another chance to gaze forward with thoughts of an ideal 365 days filled with positive thoughts, productive actions and pleasant times.

If only we could just sit back and plan out the next 12 months and then sit back and watch the time unfold like some kind of autopilot existence.

But really, how much fun would that be? Don't you think it would get kind of boring without the unexpected changes that life causes?

It's alot like good reality TV … it's the twists that make things interesting.

Wait, did I just say "good reality TV"? Not sure where this year is going.

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Monterey Excursion

“The journey not the arrival matters.” –  T.S. Eliot Dave and I went on a road trip to Monterey, CA. So for weeks we were trying to get away to just DRIVE in the new/used “CaliCar” we recently got. Top down, destination known or unknown, just hit the road jack! Weekend after weekend was obligated to […]