We’re still alive take 2.

After all the excitement of the weekend I am happy to report we are both still alive. I’m sure Mike will get around to telling you all about his exploits when he gets chance, or when I have twisted his arm sufficiently. For now you will have to make do with a photograph.

Apologies for the quality, I took it with my phone.

So far Mike has raised £650 but it isn’t too late to give, the Justgiving account is open for a couple of months after the event!

Cottoning on

I would like to say that this post was about a marvellous piece of sewing, but it’s not. In fact I have sold my old machine on eBay and it is being collected over the weekend. 

I would like to say I have knitted a wonderful cotton top, but the knitting is still sitting in a bag under the coffee table, untouched for quite some time.

It isn’t even about a cotton-tailed rabbit, which is just as well as Toni would have put paid to it by now. 

No today is our cotton wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary darling, your cotton socks are in the post. 

Belated Photo Friday

These are the photos I took last Friday when my garden looked as if Spring had arrived. It was short-lived, we now have cold grey weather again and the forecast of snow tomorrow. 


Almost daffodil

I should have posted them last week, but things have been a little chaotic. I followed Mike down the path of ill health, but of course was unable to take to my bed. I feel mostly recovered now, unlike Mike, who is still in bed, not eating properly, his sense of smell triggering nausea attacks so bad there have been nights we couldn’t be in the same room. 

I don’t think I need say how my nerves are. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, I think.

Happy Valentine’s Day dear readers. I hope you are all feeling loved today, whether by a sweetheart or by friends and family.  

Traditionally the day is for lovers and secret admirers, a day when you can express your true feelings without embarrassment. Today as we all know it is a bit too commercial, flowers that you could buy last week for £5 cost £15 today. Oh well. 

Obviously it is a day for giving out love as well as receiving and so Mike has hit the jackpot. Laid up in bed with a very nasty chest infection it isn’t going to be a day of champagne and chocolates or even a card, instead he has me waiting on him hand and foot (where does that expression come from?) while he doesn’t even know what day it is. 

I shall have to keep myself occupied with giving out more love with a project that would have had Paula reaching for her stash, and probably having completed a dozen by now. As some of you might already know if you read Deb B.’s blog, she had the idea of donating hand knitted or crocheted hats to cancer patients at her local hospital and hopefully further afield. 

Off to tend to my patient. Spread the love people. 

Happy Photo Friday

Or should that be Happy Birthday Photo Friday!

Today is Mike’s birthday. It is also Deb’s, Happy Birthday Deb. For those in the club, each birthday is a major milestone and where once they might have dreaded “another year older” birthdays are great markers to be celebrated even if it means you’re older. 

Three years ago we were waiting for Mike’s “official” diagnosis but we had been given a rather nifty leaflet entitled “Lymphoma, Leukaemia and Myeloma” so we had kind of guessed things weren’t looking too rosy and I for one was in the depths of despair and had a general “this will be his last” attitude.  Of course as is so often the case, I was wrong, thank goodness. 

Two years ago Mike had literally just come out of hospital after his SCT and celebrating was the last thing on his mind. 

Last year Mike was still getting over a chest infection so I think that this year is probably the first birthday since 2009, that Mike and I have really both felt up to celebrating. 

Mike’s 11th Birthday party.

So this morning I have been baking Mike a fruitcake and because not everyone likes fruitcake I’ve made cupcakes too. I reckon the day is special enough for me to forget the diet for one day and any way, today is the last birthday in the house until May when we celebrate Toni’s and then middle daughter’s within a couple of days of each other. 

The snow remains

Those of you who know us lot on those little islands stuck somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between America and Europe will understand what happens when we get what is considered a bit of snow. The whole country closes down. There is a lot of complaining by the media about it. But if you consider that the weather is so changeable that we cannot even guarantee we will have snow or rain or sun in any given year then you will also understand  that we just aren’t set up for extremes. We don’t do 3 months of snow which doesn’t thaw until Spring or long hot summers that stretch for months.

The canal which froze covered in snow. 

So we still have snow. Snow that has frozen onto the pavements, which makes walking Toni a nightmare as despite several “no pull” harnesses and several years of attempted training, Toni will insist on pulling and then suddenly stopping as she picks up any interesting scents that might be wafting about. So in short I haven’t done any walking for a week now. 

I am hoping that it is the lack of exercise which is responsible for my slightly less impressive loss of only 1 lb this week. Still a loss is a loss and so I can’t complain too much! 

In other news, Mike had an appointment on Monday with his haematologist. It took all of 2 minutes to be told nothing has changed and come back in three months! I guess I shouldn’t complain about that either. 

Time of year?

Well Mike has got to go for a chest x-ray tomorrow to see if the antibiotics did there job and to check there is something else causing the cough. Ironically it would seem that just like two years ago, he may now be going down with a sinus infection. He sounds a bit funny when he talks, (I know he always sounds a bit strange in the head but that’s why I love him) and it reminds me of when he was ill and in hospital for weeks and weeks back in 2010. On that occasion he was admitted on May 7 after a couple of weeks of being off colour and then a week of gradually going downhill until he was so ill he couldn’t swallow or even speak clearly.
It has got me thinking that may be it is caused by a reaction to a certain type of pollen. Is it a particular tree that flowers the end of April? Or is it simply coincidence or bad luck?

Polite answers will be gratefully received.

Oh no!

While I was busy washing up a parcel arrived.

Mike took it into the lounge and started opening it, well he got Toni to.

Can you tell what it is yet?

I’m not impressed with the service! Aren’t they supposed to lose it at the depot only to find it six months later after irate phone calls and threats of legal action?

April showers, more like an Arctic monsoon!

Firstly an update on Mike. He is feeling much better than he did on Saturday. He is still coughing, but it’s not as painful as it was. Of course he seems to cough more at night, waking yours truly, although it may simply be that I have no choice but to listen to him then. ;-)

As some of you will know, the weather has taken a turn for the worse here. Ironically the second they announced that the area is officially in a drought, the heavens opened and we had first the typical April showers (that bring the flowers that bloom in May) followed by constant rain with the odd hailstone episode and strong winds. I’m not a happy bunny, it’s wrecking my garden!

As you can see Toni’s bunny isn’t very happy either.

 I did have some good news on Saturday though, my ironing board collapsed and is now unusable (hooray!) Even better is the fact Mike has been too ill to take me to buy a new one (double hooray!) Unfortunately he decided to go online and order one yesterday (boooooo!!) Fingers crossed it takes a couple of weeks to arrive, by then Mike will have fished his shirts out of the pile and worn them any way.

Now don’t laugh at him Toni.

To bed or not to bed?

I had hoped my next blog entry would be the cheerful “look how gorgeous my garden is” type or may be “look what I made isn’t it / he / she fantastic”. Instead it’s the grumbling sort. Mike has yet another chest infection (if the truth be told I think it is the same one that has been around all winter, but Mike doesn’t agree.) So after a fitful night’s sleep it was off to the emergency doctor’s at nine this morning to get a course of antibiotics. All pretty normal in this fab world of myeloma.

Now when I’m ill I tend to lounge on the sofa with a blanket and potter back and forth to the kitchen with occasional assistance from anyone who is passing, but Mike takes to the bed and has me running up and downstairs, which would be fine if I wasn’t also not feeling my best (I somehow managed to inflict sneeze deafness and dizziness upon myself!) and if when I provided the requested refreshment he actually drank it. That’s another thing, when I’m ill I still eat and drink, I was told by my mommy that I needed the energy to fight the infection, Mike does neither.

So a question to all you lovely blog readers, what do you and your loved ones do when they get ill?

Love you all. x