A Very Pleasant Easter

We invited Cousin Joe for dinner yesterday.

I cooked a 7# Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb (Makes a great gravy), a Noodle Ring, Spinach Souffle and something new this year…  A Cheddar Sweet Corn Pie.    Also added some mixed frozen veggies to it.  Very good.  RECIPE HERE

Joe stopped in Alabama on the way here and loaded up with Fireworks.  What a great show he put on!

Watched Biblical Movies all day on Friday, Sat. and Sun.  I really enjoyed Jesus Christ Superstar last night.  I grew up hearing that soundtrack. 

We had to be out on the road for 8:30 for Dom’s CHEMO in Slidell.  It’s going very well.

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Another FUN Super Bowl

We had a GREAT Super Bowl Sunday and Monday.  We put out a great spread of food featuring an 18#  Kentucky Country Ham from our Pal Goldie in Danville, KY.

Served with an antipasto with hard salami, cheese tortellini, fresh mozzarella, baby corn, black olives, artichoke hearts and hearts of palm. Balsamic Deviled Eggs, a Cheesy Sour-Cream based New Potato Salad, Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Meatballs, and for dessert a DECADENT bacon/walnut Fudge.

We had our annual Super Bowl Pool… Wendy won the money this year.  She and I indulged in Moscow Mules (my new favorite), Joe brought over a bottle of Jagermeister and had a couple of martinis.  Dom and Bubby stuck with their beer.

The party continued on Monday.  Bubs did some fishing…. caught some nice bass and threw ’em back in.  Had a fun little visit from Wendy’s daughter Ashley and grandchild. Julie.


Tuesday’s Christmas Dinner/Gathering

We had a lot of fun on Tuesday.  As I’m headed to Ohio on the 27th, we thought that we’d have our Christmas Dinner/Gathering on the 20th.

The usual suspects were here…. Bubby, Dennis, Cheryl and Joe.  Sadly, Wendy had to work.

Beer, wine, bubbly, martinis and Moscow Mules flowed.  Made a 22# Turkey.  We had a grand time, as usual.

Super Bowl 2016

We had big fun!  Our normal gang arrived Sunday afternoon and the fun lasted until almost 4am.

I had an 18# Country Ham, assorted breads, cheeses and mustards for sandwiches, loaded potato salad, bacon wrapped meatballs, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, bacon candy, balsamic deviled eggs and mini antipasto cups.

Everything was delicious!

And YES.  I realize that the Christmas decorations are still up.  We like ’em!

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a great couple of days.  Joe drove in from Pensacola for the night.  Wendy and Bubby joined us as well.

The boys shot guns for awhile while I got Jiggy With It in the kitchen.

22# Martha Stewart turkey.  (covered in cheesecloth, basted with wine and butter)

Pecan/cornbread/sausage/cranberry stuffing

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Balsamic carmelized pearl onions

Lima beans.

Wendy brought over a “cake sampler” from her bakery for dessert.

We had a very pleasant dinner, enjoyed a bonfire, then hit the sack.

Joe left in the early morning.  Wendy and Bubby stuck around into the afternoon.
One very sad thing to mention….. Wendy’s home burned down to the ground that morning.  She and Bubby live in his home nearby.  Ex husband Richard,  2 grown daughters and her grandchild lived in her house.  Thankfully, no one was home when the fire started.  We truly had a lot to be THANKFUL for!

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

We had a lovely time on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, we failed to take many pictures.

When Chris arrived, he and Dom headed to Bogalusa for my Baking Powder, and swung by Dennis’ house to shoot turtles.  

Joe arrived a few hours later and hung out with me as I was cooking.

I baked my traditional Soda Bread, Oat Farls, Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes and Carrots.  For dessert we drank Baileys and Jameson’s Irish Whisky on the rocks.

All 6 of us had a great time.  Next year, MORE PICS!

Thanksgiving 2014

SO much to be thankful for, and SO much fun!
We were joined by cousin Joe, (Ping was in China for a month), Wendy, Bubby, and later Dennis.
We did a lot of everything-  Shooting guns, shooting pool, feeding raccoons, drinking beer, Beaujolais Nouveau, and bubbly.
I had a beautiful 23 # turkey….cooked “Martha Stewart Style” using a lot of butter, a bottle of wine and cheesecloth.
Also my signature cornbread/pecan/sausage/cranberry stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, lima beans, my niece’s corn souffle, pecan/sweet potato/brown sugar casserole, and a mess of my balsamic pearl onions.
Dessert consisted of Pinnacle Pecan Pie martinis.  Ahhhhh!
Joe, Wendy and Bubby spent the night.  Dennis had to get home to his critters…. horses, donkeys, geese, chickens, etc.
The “party” lasted well into the weekend.


A Fun Superbowl Weekend

We had a blast this weekend.  Saturday night, I cooked Crash Hot Potatoes and Speckled Trout Amandine, given to me from Cajun girlfriend Vickie.

I was torn between whether I wanted Denver or Seattle to win.  Peyton Manning is a local boy.  On the other hand, Seattle clobbered us a couple of times late in our season…. thus they earned my respect.

Shortly before the game, I chose SEATTLE.

I had a nice spread of food.  Dear friend, Goldie from Kentucky, sent me an 18 pound Country Ham.  This is an annual thing for us.  In return, I send her a Collins Street Fruitcake and a Paul’s Pastry King Cake.

I made 2 different kinds of Deviled Eggs…. one with Balsamic Vinegar and Bacon. The other with ALOT of Garlic.  Both were yummy.

My potato salad was a take on a “loaded” baked potato.  I used yellow potatoes with the skin on, bacon, sour cream, green onions and sharp cheddar cheese.

Boiled up a pound of Colossal Shrimp which we never got around to.

Also had a couple different types of bread and cheeses.  My boys- Dom, Joe and Dennis were eating machines!

The boys did some target shooting.  We had fun in the Hot Tub.  Joe and I indulged in martinis over the weekend.  Pecan Pie martinis, as well as King Cake martinis….fun, fun, fun.

Thankful Thursday #2

THANK YOU JOE for……………….
Endless driving to dr. appointments,  drinks of water, and deepening dependence.  
Hugs and holding my hand, and masked messages only we can share.
Blessings and  strategic juggling of household chores and children’s activities.
Earning a living while easing my burdens.  More than most men could handle.
Telling me I’m beautiful with my bare head and raw emotions.
Walgreen runs and a package of oreos under my pillow. 
Calming my housewife guilt with a gentle hand; leading me back to lie down.
Phone calls, “just checking on you calls,” and “just because I love you,” calls. 
How do I ever express my gratitude and love for this man that married me over twenty six years ago. 
Covenanting with me and God to be by my side as we began a life and family together.  
Both have given us more than one could imagine.  
Breathtaking mountains to climb and breath “shaking” changes as we race up and
 down this roller-coaster of a life buckled in tightly together.