Mold Issues at the Condo (part 3) Insurance and Cleanup

After I cleaned up a bit I called our insurance company and made a claim.

I had to throw out our bedroom comforter and pillows.  Also the dining room table and chairs, as well as rugs.

Then I went to work on the mirrors.  These pictures were AFTER using Windex:

 Made a couple of trips to the dry cleaners.  At the condo, washed about 8 loads of sheets, towels, etc.

Much to my delight, our insurance covered the new a/c and furnace, the mold cleanup and the destroyed mirrors, table, chairs, rugs, comforter, pillows, lampshades, etc.

I’m tickled to say the condo is like NEW.  Sparkling! 

But, what a pain in the arse!

I returned home on Monday.  Got a phone call yesterday that Dom’s cancer is GONE!  Zero M-Spike! Remission-Boy is BACK!  

What a Christmas present!