Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update June 20 2013

Slept well last night, wore my plantar flexion boots all night and no leg cramps – YEA!

Woke to 31 degrees and new snow on Mt. McCaleb above Mackay, Idaho. Glad Jani put the porch flowers in the garage last night so they didn’t freeze.

Jani walked the dogs on the Mine Hill and saw the cowboy rider watching over the cows up there (left upper portion of photo – click twice to enlarge photo).

When Jani got home, she did the weed eating around the yard.

Then, she went golfing at the beautiful 9-hole River Park Golf Course here in Mackay with the boys next door. 

L to R: Jani, Griffin, Kobe, Shelby, and Jackson. 

While Jani was gone, I discovered several bills that I had not attended to – related to my health and health insurance. Around 4 May 2013, I quit writing appointments on my 2013 calendar. I guess, I thought, well, if I’m near the end of my life – why bother???

I need the information about medical appointments for my health insurance travel and lodging benefit. So, I sat for several hours and created my calendar from 4 May 2013 through today using my blog entries online. I found a couple of “DENIED” health insurance claims and wrote letter of appeal for them. I almost hate the insurance paperwork more than I hate having relapsed high risk myeloma! I’m still not finished and will have to work on it tomorrow AGAIN – UGH … I know, I’m whining, sorry – especially since overall, I have such SUPER health insurance coverage.

Drove my bills to the Post Office. I also mailed an ancient glass negative slide from my Gram’s Mt. Pleasant Utah things to the museum in Mt. Pleasant.

I folded a load of laundry and developed a spasm in my low back. Remembered that I had NOT taken my 10 mg of Dex due today and took it promptly which helped a lot.

About this time, Jani returned and helped the guy who mows my lawn and warmed my dinner (left-over steak and canned beets).

Another cold forecast for tonight at 36 degrees and 30 percent of chance of rain tomorrow…but, in Idaho, just wait 20 minutes and the weather changes.

Each evening, I have mule deer visits like tonight, 20 June 2013.