OurHealthSystem.ca: New Website to help Canadians judge health care

Last week The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released an interactive tool, called OurHealthSystem.ca.


The website focuses on five themes:

  • Access: While most Canadians are getting cancer radiation treatment in a timely fashion, waits are increasing for joint replacements.
  • Quality of Care: A significant drop in hospital deaths suggests that the quality of hospital care is improving overall in Canada; however, 1 in 12 Canadians is readmitted to hospital within 30 days of discharge.
  • Spending: Spending on health care varies greatly across the country, even after considering age differences in the population.
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: While smoking rates are declining in Canada, obesity rates continue to rise.
  • Health Outcomes: Canadians are living longer than ever, but they are not benefiting equally from improvements in health.

There are infographics that summarise statistics – e.g. Number of Canadians that are diagnosed everyday with cancer (512) or life expectancy comparison for richer neighbourhoods (81 men, 84 women) vs poorer neighbourhoods (76 men, 82 women).

According to Jeremy Veillard, Vice President, Research and Analysis, CIHI:

This is the first website in Canada to contain the information Canadians said they wanted to know about their health system. Material is presented in an interactive way that allows people to easily understand how the health system is doing close to home but also at provincial and national levels.

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A Richer Pool to Draw From

Most Multiple Myeloma patients who get stem cell transplants use their own cells. But some don’t and other diseases that can be supressed by transplants have to rely on a transplant pool. United States law has always made it unlawful to sell human organs or cells to prevent the establishment of criminal enterprises. However, the law was changed recently, mostly by the work of a mother seeking to improve the available pool of stem cells for her daughters, who both had a condition that heightened the likelihood of cancers. She lobbied hard to permit compensation for transplant materials in order to encourage more people to donate. Her efforts paid off, and it is now legal to provide transplant materials for profit.

This might sound like a fairy tale with a happy ending, except for the fact that we now have to see whether or not this was a positive change. As it was, it didn’t matter what one’s economic situation was, a position in line for a transplant was a position in line. But with the change in the law it now becomes possible to offer a higher compensation rate and get favoritism. In other words, those with greater financial resources are going to supercede those less economically fixed. At its worst is the possibility that those with only their health insurance to rely on might be no better off than those with no insurance at all.

The World of MM

I’m in the middle of my marketing class right now. Clearly, I am paying attention.

Here are some links to news and updates in the Myeloma world. I’ll explain them in further detail when I get home!

Carflizomib gets fast-track designation from FDA for treatment of refractory/relapsed Multiple Myeloma patients. Yay! Click HERE

Revlimid Maintenance and Secondary Cancers – More details emerge. BOOO! Click HERE

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Health Care Reform Murders Family, Blows Up Orphanage, Supports Terrorists!

Socialized medicine! Death panels! Government-funded abortions! In case the “Tea Baggers” have you truly frightened, this should comfort you: A Guide for Those Traumatized by Right-Wing Fear-Mongering Lies about Health Care Reform.

Although the so-called HealthCare Reform bill was watered down to the point of toothlessness, and the Seig Heil Uber-Right ended up getting almost everything they wanted, in the true spirit of crybabies everywhere, the TBs have taken public rhetoric to a new low. Honestly, I hadn’t thought that was possible, but those ever classy “Tea Baggers” have again demonstrated their debating skills and righteousness by shouting “f*ggot!” and “n*gger!” and even spitting at House members who dared to defy god hisself by voting for that pathetic, tepid health care reform bill. This should erase any doubts about their intelligence.

Since they’ve provided a real insight into their motives and intentions, I think it only fair that the TBers be correctly addressed on the floor from now on. Instead of “We recognize the kind gentleman from Skankville…,” let’s switch to “We recognize the lying, hypocritical, scumbag…” No more “Gentlewoman from Stupidland.” She will henceforth be “The shrieking, spitting hysteric.” Yes, I’m actually looking forward to their next strategy: accusing us of name-calling and ad hominem attacks. In anticipation, I offer this reply, which even they should understand: “Neener, neener, neener!”