Hanging With Savvy



My wife and I watch our granddaughter each Friday. It is the highlight of our week. Savannah, whom we call Savvy, will be two on March 14th. I have written about her before, here and here.

This week I had her all to myself, as my wife was out of town. My energy level waxes and wanes unpredictably due to my drug treatments for cancer. So, I’d arranged it with our son and daughter-in-law to take Savvy first thing in the morning, when I would be fresh. They would pick her up after she napped.

She arrived at 7:30. Off came the coat and her shoes and socks. Following a dish of eggs and toast, we set to coloring, reading, wrestling, playing marimbas, stacking and sorting blocks and cups, emptying the pots and pans from the cupboards, and etc. 

The morning wore on and I suggested a stroller ride through the neighborhood. She enthusiastically agreed. On went the shoes and socks and her puffy coat. She proudly pulled its hood up and over her ears.



Outside, the morning was cool and overcast. She insisted upon walking. I pushed the stroller alongside, herding her clear of the street. We went to a nearby playground, a healthy four blocks away. She never faltered. She walked the entire way, to and fro, with her hands tucked into her coat pockets, singing songs, and babbling contentedly.

Back home, she ate a fig bar and drank a cup of water. After a change, we sat together looking at photos on the iPad. Soon, she was yawning and I laid her down for a nap. She slept for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Her mom arrived shortly thereafter, and they left for other adventures.


Often, time spent with our granddaughter goes much like it did this past Friday. At my age, and given the tenuous nature of my health, keeping the company of someone attuned to the world’s simple wonders is a tremendous gift. Life is short and peace of mind fleeting. Yet, seeing things through the eyes of a child refreshes one’s perspective. Such is the blessing of grand-parenting.


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