Knight Of The Living Dead

It’s Day 5 of the Fifth PADIMAC Cycle. Look at my face. Look at it.

Do you fancy being my knight in shining armour? I’ll pay you back with really fun things in about six months if you just come to my rescue now… I’ll buy a book and ask for more radiotherapy to make it worth your while. Remember, I’ll be skinnier then too.



And So It Starts…

… Twelve hours early. Hooray.

I have my good cylinder reserve. I have easy to heat food in the freezer. My bed is made. The flat is clean. EMan is ready. I have ITV mystery dramas. I have helpers at the ready. Just turn off Regina Specktor, it’s not for now.

Let the sleeping commence, as soon as today’s drugs have been administered. Embrace the mental blankness. It’s how the people feel after a session on the source. Or so I recall.

Be strong Jones. It’s making you better. Really.

The paraprotein better go down in 15 days. That’s all I am saying.

The Lesser Of Two Evils

It is that time again, welcome to Cycle Five! Steroids. Yes. Chemotherapy. Yes. Velcade. Double yes.

I dread the week ahead. Correction, the next nine days. I feel slightly guilty for having these thoughts, because I willed for me to go onto a fifth round of PADIMAC. I willed for me to go into the clinic for four days for at least five hours per day, knowing that the treatment will make me feel rotten for the five days following. I know that staying on the trial is the best thing for me, but that does not take away the fact that my treatment is unpleasant. Ever the pragmatist, I am prepared for it. The clean pyjamas are out, the easy to heat meals are in, easy to watch entertainment is on my television and the activities to keep me relatively entertained at the clinic are in my bag.

Even with activities like reading about information management, I am likely to get bored. Two of my three main clinic buddies are still on a working holiday (selfish), and my other clinic buddy actually has a nine-to-five and has previously been taking time off, so boredom is well and truly is on the cards. I am not sure why the rest of my friends have to work; this world is too cruel. I have probably planned too many activities, as well as my scintillating read, I plan to do some writing (never did I think I would be the sort of person to slip that into a conversation), catch up with my chemospondence and chat utter nonsense to the Medically Trained People. I am sure they appreciate it. If only I had my energy in the evening and not the day when I am stuck in the clinic alone.

As I know what is ahead, I made sure that I thoroughly enjoyed my week off. I especially enjoyed my weekend, once I knew that I did not have to wallow in treatment anxiety and pity. I baked, I cooked, I had quality time with my AQ, people farted in front of me and I laughed. I even gave myself a break from the blog, in an attempt to not think about My Myeloma. For most the time it worked. Inevitably though, it creeps in… I enjoy myself with my friends and get into my bed thinking about how I much enjoyed myself and my brain goes “don’t forget you have cancer, your enjoyment is a sham”, or something along those lines and I am back right back down to reality. I will not need to be reminded of this fact this week, but that’s okay because my brain is not going to work properly anyway.

So, let this week commence… Give it to me PADIMAC.

Think paraprotein reduction please.


Oh, before I forget, guess who gets to have a pregnancy test today? I just knew it was wrong for me to have all that unprotected sex with randoms last week… Oh well. You live and learn.

Revlimid Side Effects – November 18 2012

I walked Kemmer 0.8 miles in town – just strolling because I’m fatigued.
I finally realized that my fatigue from about 5 PM on is pretty much due to taking my Revlimid 10 mg with dinner at 5 PM. So, tonight, I delayed my Revlimid until bedtime. Unfortunately, I didn’t eat anything with it and woke a couple of hours later with terrible heartburn and diarrhea. Revlimid has my guts moving rapidly south, but I have been able to control it with ½ of Imodium every 3-4 days.

Reducing the symptoms of NPBG-Non-Posting Blogger Guilt

Here are couple of random pictures of my humanitarian trip to Peru. (I hate posting without a picture) Kris kissing a llama for good-luck!
Working at a village school in Matinga, Peru. the school shared one box of crayons. We painted and cleaned, brought needed school supplies and made many new friends.

My posts have become fewer and farther in between. I am finding that on the “good days” I don’t make the time to write. I am too busy running around trying to get as much done as I can, and enjoy feeling good as much as I can. On the “bad days” which unfortunately come too often, it takes far too much energy to put down my thoughts on paper–er computer.

So in a gallant effort to actually post something I have decided to forgo writing down the actual posts that have been rolling around in my mind and just give you a clever title which I may or may not expand on in the future–Hey I make no major commitments while on this “roller coaster.”

So here goes..

July 4, 2010 “Long naps,…. Short walks in the woods,…….. A weekend with my family in Star Valley, Wyoming——Priceless!”

July 6, 2010 “Living with the Man of my Dreams” celebrating Twenty-six adventure filled years with my amazing husband.

July 15, 2010 “I have an eight-track mind without a rewind” My steroid-chemo induced mind games and the people who play them.

July 18, 2010 “My Three Sons” the adventures of a Myeloma-Mom and a Micro-Managing dad trying to keep it all together from a 12, 15, and 18 year old boy’s perspective. Trust me this would be a short post.

Just imagine how great these posts would be. You laughed….You cried…. and you were inspired by my every word. Wow I feel a lot better now. How about you?

And now to erase all non-posting guilt, Here is the low down on what’s been happening on my myeloma mountain climbing adventures.

I am in the middle of the 11th cycle Six weeks to go!!! If I can stand it. It is not getting any easier that’s for sure. I started out last week feeling pretty good, but developed a bad cough and chest congestion by Wednesday. I spent three hours at Utah Valley Hospital getting checked out by Dr. Riches NP. After a blood test, oxygen level test, and a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, She decided that I had the beginnings of bronchitis. I was giving a high power, high dose antibiotic, my old friend Levaquin and sent on my way. She told me it was good I went in when I did because I need to stay healthy enough to receive chemo on Monday. (Is there something wrong with this picture?…I need to stay well so I can take a nasty poison that will make me sick) Oh well whatever it takes to get through this.

I continued to drain of energy but my cough has been getting better. By Saturday I was completely down, could barely get out of bed. I slept most of the day. Thanks to my husband for taking care of me and the kids. And then this “roller coaster” of a life changed directions and Sunday morning I felt much better. I was able to go to church and spent a great day with my family.

Everyday is an adventure one filled with highs and lows. My family and My Heavenly Father keeping me going and I am truly blessed by both.