When one is younger, they are excited about the bright glow that greats them on a morning after it has snowed the night before. Not me, today, I was excited by the grey, damp day which greeted me this morning. I was excited by the dullness of British weather because I knew that this meant one thing and one thing only, Freedom.

The snow and the ice has melted (nearly), leaving in its wake, dampness and puddles. It is difficult to slip on these things.

After four days in the flat, I left last night to go to the cinema, informing the taxi driver that he had to pull up right to the curb. Safety first.It was bliss. If I lived on a busy street, I probably could have left sooner. Today, I was able to walk to the shops. Everywhere looked dirty in the post snow carnage. That was bliss too.

I am quite relieved. Hopefully, the snow will stay away forever and ever and ever. Or at least until my bones are a little bit better.