Rev-lite trial: cycle 2, day 18.

My cycle 2 of Rev-lite trial is at day 18 with some good achievements in the last 2 weeks.
There have been no problems with the trial treatment of lenalidomide and dexamethasone, less fatigue, sleeping well with the occasional extra nap when tired.
First achievement is with my fractured right femur where I have moved from using the big walker for support to using one crutch to using no crutch. I can now bear weight on the leg and only use the crutch in public to protect myself. A 30 minute walk each day is now a regular event.
Being able to walk means I can now drive the car which gives me more independence.
My main problem in showering has been fear of falling. This was overcome once I was able to bear more weight on the leg giving me confidence to shower and dry myself.
My pain relief has been reduced again, most myeloma bone pain has gone allowing me to spend time sleeping on my sides rather than only my back. To roll over from side to side in bed is bliss.
The big achievement is being able walk the stairs at home. Yesterday we moved from the single beds downstairs back to the master bedroom upstairs and into our Queen bed. The bed upstairs has a Woolrest woollen underlay between the mattress and bottom sheet. I missed the warmth it gives. Waking overnight to turn over I could feel warmer especially where my body was in contact with the underlay compared to no underlay. Best of all was sleeping with Myra next to me again.
Next achievement will be to maintain my Rev-lite trial progress, continue regaining strength and fitness and a return to work part time.
As I get better I am thinking less of myeloma, illness and myself. Now it is other things as well, signs of getting back to normal.

The Pine cone man

During myeloma relapse 1 recovery (2007) from myeloma treatment I had to devise ways to regain my fitness and strength.
About 3 blocks from home is a very large park with walkways, trees and seats. My initial goal was to walk to the park and return.
That was accomplished fairly quickly. Soon I was adding walking in the park extending the walk as fatigue reduced and I became fitter.
In the park are a large number of pine trees which shed pine cones good for home fire burning.
Ah ha I thought, there is another fitness idea.
My left humerus had just been rodded due to a plasmacytoma destroying the bone at mid shaft. The arm and shoulder needed strengthening. On my park walks I would now take an eco bag to fill with pine cones. I used the left arm to carry the bag flexing the arm along with other exercises as I walked along. Over time it all became stronger.
Then Myra dropped a bomb shell. She said, “We use electricity for heating. The pine cones will have to go.” After negotiations with her (I won) it was decided after drying out I would store the pine cones in rubbish sacks and place outside and cover with a rain proof cover ready to give to those who needed them over winter.
A bag full of dry pine cones on a cold, wet winter’s night is a welcome surprise.
I still continue collecting pine cones on my walks and have found some more parks with pine trees that I drive to. My two grandchildren have become expert pine tree finders.
Best time for collecting pine cones is after strong winds or a storm.