Day 2 – Thursday September 15 2011

I’m nauseated – but, I think that is something I’m just going to have to get used to between the anti-nausea drugs they have for me on the schedule. I got on the phone at 6:30 AM to order my Cream of Wheat and had to wait 12 minutes until someone answered. Then, the cereal was delivered by 7:10 AM.

Good Morning Day 0 – Stem Cell Transplant Day September 13 2011

I had a pretty good night. Slept most of it despite upset acid stomach. Finally, just got up and with the permission of nurse Lindsey, wore a mask and walk up down the hallway for 11 minutes. Afterwards, I worked on my blog updates from yesterday. I’m feeling a tad drugged, so don’t worry if I don’t make much sense at times.

Lindsey, RN gave me my dose of Velcade chemotherapy this morning at 6 AM – twelve house after the melphalan as ordered along with some Nexium (their substitute for Zantac) and Ativan. Seems as long as I sit pretty head up, I can keep the nausea and acid down. I’m almost afraid to mention that it hasn’t been that bad so far ~

I called early to order my breakfast since it takes 45 minutes to an hour to deliver it to the room. Nothing sounds good, so I went with my old standard oatmeal and a side order of cream of wheat – I used to like that when my M used to make it. I wanted a banana, but they said they weren’t allowed on the neutropenic diet. My nurses here on the 11th Floor, UCH said they could order me a banana, but they would have to wash it and peel it for ME – fine, just like home when Jani does it :)

Oh well, Lindsey, RN says my counts will begin to fall today and approach 0 for WBC count, so I have to be careful with my diet. Here are my counts this morning. My Hemoglobin is down from 11.6 to 10.6 and my white blood cell count is down form 12.0 to 7.3. However, my platelets are hanging in there from 297 yesterday to 276 this morning. Nicole, RN told me that the platelets are the last to fall and the last to recover during this stem cell process.
I won’t be getting my stem cell transplant until around 6 PM this evening as 24 hours has to lapse between the melphalan and the new stem cells.

Well what do you know?

Not a lot is my usual reply. I have learnt over the last few months, what with TT and stuff that my relationship with food is complex very simple. I use food as a celebration; weddings, birthdays, winning the lottery, having good news. I also use it as a comforter; funerals, bad news, lonliness. When I’m bored I cook, when I’m happy I cook, when I’m depressed I cook, let’s be honest I generally cook! So it is easy to see how I got to put so much weight on, especially over the last couple of years with no job and no-one to keep me company. Today’s baking falls into the “I need cheering up” category. I’m suffering from Aussie withdrawal.

Lemon icing cupcakes
Having had 2 weeks off the D.I.E.T. thing I of course gained a couple of pounds, not that I mind in the slightest, it averages out at less than 3 ounces a day, a very small price to pay for all the joy I have had over the last fortnight. It does mean that I won’t be eating any of the above!!