2nd ASCT Day +3 – 4 PM Labs May 21 2012

My white blood cell count is down to 0.1 – almost nothin’ as expected. My platelets are 39, so I won’t need a platelet transfusion tonight; and my hemoglobin is 8.7 so I won’t need a blood transfusion tonight either.

JJ, the Registered Dietician, came to see me this afternoon and gave me some eating and drinking suggestions.

April 20 2012

Chuck Henderson drove me to my blood draw appointment at UCH this morning. My blood values are good and have not begun to travel downward as is expected after the 2nd Cycle of VD-PACE. Chuck and I were back in Greeley at 11 AM.
My white blood cell count remains higher than it has ever been at 7.5 (norms 4-11.1); my platelets adequate but low at 99 (norms 150-400); and my hemoglobin is low, but great at 11.1 (12.1-16.3).

On the peripheral smear, I have “sperocytes” and “tear drop cells” whatever those are.
Comprehensive metabolic panel is all normal including my protein and albumin levels which indicate my diet is adequate.

April 15 2012

Couldn’t eat today, even though I ordered this hearty meal. The broccoli was frozen on delivery.Around 1 PM, I was NOT feeling too hot – feeling like things might be going north soon.

VD-PACE UCH Inpatient Admission – April 13 2012

Faye Hummel drove me to UCH this afternoon after RN Sarah called to tell me they wouldn’t have a bed available until 3 PM, but I could come early and they would house me in the 11th Floor Treatment Room and get me started before the room was available.

We arrived UCH around 12:45 PM. RN Sarah got my blood drawn while Faye and I reviewed all the genealogy that I’m been gathering recently on my maternal family side.

Then, my Room 1102 became available sooner than they had expected and we moved over there.

Walks and Some Red Meat – March 30 2012

I walked twice today. Once for only 0.31 miles – no energy.
Tried the walk again in the afternoon and had to go really slow – but, I made it 0.88 miles. And then had an hour long nap!

Labs Plummet and a Platelet Transfusion – March 24 2012

Jani and I left for UCH at sunrise for our 8:15 AM appointment at UCH. It takes us just over an hour to make the trip one way.
They drew my blood out of my PICC Line. It is nice to have line so I don’t have to worry about how many pokes it will take to access my blood. We had to wait a LONG TIME for the blood results to come back. I was cozy in the recliner…