Day 90 – Maintenance Chemotherapy Administration Month 1 Week 2 – December 12 2011

Jani took me to UCH for my second week of Month 1 Maintenance Chemotherapy of intravenous Velcade (1.7 mg) and intravenous Dex (20 mg). In the hour prior to the administration, I took 40 mg of Prilosec and 150 mg of Zantac by mouth in an attempt to reduce the ACID esophagus and stomach I had following last week’s dose.
The headphones for the television on their smallest setting are still way too large for my tiny head with a skiff of new hair. Now, about this mask….either I’m the only patient in this huge infusion center that has had a stem cell transplant, or I’m the only patient who is following the MASK ALWAYS ON when visiting UCH for ANY REASON rule! I never see anyone else with a mask on anywhere in the whole hospital!
My blood values were all good. I’m not anemic with hemoglobin at 12.9 (norm 12.1 to 16.3);