Happy Birthday to Me!

So tomorrow is my birthday and I’ll be 44!! Who would have guessed I’d get this far along the line – certainly not me when I was diagnosed nearly ten years ago.

And honestly I am so, so grateful to have got this far with relatively few problems or setbacks. But I can’t help but be slightly saddened this year and the pessimistic part of me (that I don’t often allow out with my myeloma!) is worrying that it could be my last healthy birthday. Totally ridiculous and without substance as I have as much chance of a good response to any treatment , as I do of anything else.

But at the same time, I’ve had 2 myeloma friends die in the past week and another, just tonight, has let people know that his body is nearing the end. I know that myeloma sometimes does a u turn in now it responds for people. Just because you’ve responded well in the past, doesn’t mean you’ll respond well in the future. It’s all a bit of pot luck!

So, I’m going to try and have a great birthday – a day out with Nick in Ludlow tomorrow (looking for old furniture for our renovated living area) and then a weekend away with my old school friends and our families. Hopefully lots of good food and good wine!

And for a few days, I’m going to try to put my insecurities behind me!!

POST 37: Don’t read this post if you’re squeamish!!!

I’m so lucky that I have now been in remission for 3.5 years, a timescale that I never imagined when I was first diagnosed, and certainly didn’t expect even after my Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) that I had in 2011. It is 5.5 years since I was diagnosed.

I honestly believe that part of why I have done so well since my transplant is because of maintenance therapy. I have been on a drug called revlimid since October 2011 as part of the Myeloma XI trial that I am on. Revlimid isn’t available to a lot of patients like this as you have to be on a trial to get it…it costs £000’s a month! Luckily I got randomised to it due to the trial, and the drugs company pays for me to have it until the day I relapse. Long may that be!

Revlimid is a type of chemo that is in tablet form. I take one little tablet every day for two weeks and then have two weeks off. When I had it for 3 weeks, it used to lower my neutrophils, which meant that my immune system was very poor and I was regularly ill. So over the past couple of years especially, my health has been fairly predictable and fairly constant. I am not ill so regularly as I used to be, and whilst I tend to take longer to recover when I am ill, I have generally been pretty healthy!

Unfortunately, just before Christmas, this all seemed to change. I was finding that I was getting cramping and needing the toilet more than before. (I told you not to read this if you were squeamish!). As the weeks went on, it seemed to get worse, and it was really affecting my life. I particularly remember the time on the train after a nice day out in London, where poor Nick and the kids had to sit on a platform halfway home, while I located the nearest toilet for over half an hour!

Eventually I realised that perhaps I needed to make it clear to the Marsden exactly what was going on…and needed to bury my embarrassment. It was far worse having to deal with these unexpected and frankly mortifying experiences….and there was a chance that it could happen at an even worse time! So I told my consultant, and they referred me for something called a SeHCat scan that monitors bowel movements. They were so good at taking it seriously, partially because they know that revlimid can cause an issue called ‘Bile Malabsorption’ where your bile isn’t reabsorbed properly, and partially because of my mum having had bowel cancer 4 years ago.

As is always the case, it seemed to get better after I’d been for the scan and so I decided I was going to get told that I was fine. In the meantime a good friend of mine who is at a similar stage post transplant, and also on revlimid, told me that they had suffered similarly and that there was medications I could go on. Anyway the long and short of it, is that I have now been diagnosed with Bile Malabsorption. Apparently people who have this, are often mistaken for having IBS and it is much more common than you know!

I’m pleased to report that since I started on the treatment (lots of huge pills!), I seem to be significantly better and the tablets are definitely doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Which is a good sign that it is nothing more sinister.

I know it’s an odd post to publicise and I did think twice about it….. it’s an embarrassing topic really. But I know that I just needed that push to get it looked at and now it has changed my life. I don’t have to worry about the nearest toilet anymore, and I know that it is controllable. The day may come where I have to cut fat out of my diet (might not be a bad thing!), but for now, that wouldn’t be enough to stop me needing the tablets and so I can just rely on them. So I thought that it might help someone else who is reading this blog with myeloma…..or for that matter, anyone else who is reading it who has general cramping and bowel issues.

40 Challenges B440 update!

Just a couple of sentences to say that I only need to complete 2 more challenges now! One will be my party on the 24th, and I’m also hoping to complete the; book challenge, necklace challenge and the birthday card challenge!

If any businesses out there were wanting to sponsor that challenge, please don’t feel that you can’t know that I’ve reached 40….I would love to keep adding to that total. And if you just want to make a little donation to help, the details are below!


If you would like to sponsor me with my #40ChallengesB440, to support Myeloma UK and help make myeloma history, please either

go to http://www.justgiving.com/Deb-Gascoyne


text ‘DEBG99 £X’ to 70070

e.g ‘DEBG99 £10′ if you want to donate £10

POST 36: So, So So Close!

Well, what can I say. I have 10 days until I reach my 40th birthday. It’s sort of come up on me out of nowhere due to being so busy with work, challenges, moving house and other personal bits.

But, I’ve completed 38 challenges! My God, it has been hard work. When I decided to do it back in November/ December 2013, and started to set it up, I didn’t for one moment think about how hard it might be. I just thought that it was a great way to raise money and awareness and that it would be fun at the same time. Hahahah. I most definitely have to thank Nick for getting me to drop some of the ones that would have been nearly impossible (like visiting 40 national trust properties in the year…hmmm, 1 a week practically!) and the ones that might have made me ill like staying awake for 40 hours.

However, whilst it has been hard work and has pretty much taken over my life, especially in the last 6 months, I am so proud of what I am so close to achieving, and I did actually have some real fun along the way too!

I think out of those challenges remaining, I might actually finish 5 more. I hope that I’ll have read 40 books, a lovely friend has sent me beads to thread with Rebecca when I get 5 minutes, I expect to write 40 blog posts by the 25th (even if I bore you in the process), it’s very possible I might get 40 cards, and I am DEFINITELY having a party for 40 people to celebrate my 40th! So I could get up to 43 B4 40….doesn’t sound quite so catchy though ;-) So where am I up to at the moment; well here you go!

Completed Challenges:

These are the challenges that are now complete;

1. Find 40 people to do one challenge each in aid of Myeloma UK – Achieved (www.justgiving/teams/40b440)

2. Climb 40 floors in a building – Achieved

3. Give up drinking alcohol,  and eating crisps and nuts for 40 days – Achieved

5. Run 40km in 4 days. Achieved 

6. Do a pub crawl round 40 pubs in 40 hours – Achieved

7. Eat 40 brussel sprouts in 4 minutes – Achieved

8. Get 40 friends to be sponsored to give up something for the 40 days of Lent (or equivalent).www.justgiving.com/teams/lent – Achieved 

9. Tell 40 people who don’t know anything about myeloma, what it is. Achieved

10. Get ingredients donated to make 40 cakes/ 40 cakes donated and sell them at a cake sale Achieved 

11. Persuade 40 businesses to donate a minimum of £40 each. Achieved BUT If you or anyone you know might donate, I am happy to do facebook and twitter shout outs and it would be great to keep the money coming in -)

12. Sell 40 roses in aid of Myeloma UK – Achieved

13. Do 40 lots of 20 second planks in one day (or the equivalent)!

14. Eat 40 types of fruit – Achieved

15. Iron 40 items of clothing in 40 minutes – Achieved

16. Try 40 different bottles of wine. – Achieved

17. Buy a complete outfit for £40 – Achieved

20. Get 40 shots  through the net of a netball post in 4 minutes. Achieved 

21. Get people to make 40 Myeloma Buddies Achieved

22. Get the revised Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway taken to 40 different GP’s/ health professionals. Achieved. This has kindly been taken to over 45 different practices, but it is a CRUCIAL challenge and it would be great to double the initial challenge. If you can take it to your GP, please let me know and I can email you the pathway and a letter to go with it to make it easier!

24. Get a group of people (40 if possible) to do a total of 10,000 taekwondo kicks in one day Achieved

27. Get 40 famous people to tweet/retweet about my challenge. Achieved

28. Make £40 at a car boot sale. Achieved

30. Learn to knit and knit 40 rows (minimum!) Achieved

32. Stay in bed for 40 hours – Achieved

33. A sponsored silence for 40 hours – Achieved

34. Make 40 cups of tea in a day – Achieved 

35. Visit a zoo and see 40 animals – Achieved

36. Make and sell 40 greetings cards. Achieved

38. Get 40 people to conga through West Wycombe Park – Achieved

39. Get 40 signatures from Famous People – Achieved

40. Receive letters from people from 40 different countries. Achieved

41. Sell 40 Myeloma UK trolley keyrings – Achieved

42.  Try 40 different types of cheeses – Achieved

44. Play 40 consecutive games of cards – Achieved

46. Travel at least 40m down a zip wire Achieved (160m!)

47. Pull 40 pints – Achieved 

48. Get 40 prizes for a raffle (if possible non-location specific please)  Achieved

49. Get 40 people to donate money to Myeloma UK instead of giving Christmas cards – Achieved 


Ok, so the last 2 challenges need to come from the list below. Most of these have now been abandoned and I’m not sure I can ask anyone for more help apart from the Birthday card challenge.

4. Read 40 books – Hoping to be finished by the 25th January

18. Swim 40 lengths – Abandoned due to lack of time

19. Write 40 entries into my blog – to be finished by the 25th

23. Play 40 different sports – this one has been abandoned!

25. Have a party for at least 40 people – this is taking place in January

26. Get 40 people born on the same day (January 25th) to send me a 40th birthday card!!! This one is doing better than I thought due to amazing support on facebook and twitter. I have about 12 at my house already and a number more promised.  So if you can help or can persuade facebook or other friends to help, please do!! I even got a donation in one of them which was unexpected!

29. Look after a dog for 40 hours Abandoned due to lack of time – will just have to get a full-time dog now! lol. Thanks to all of you who offered to loan us and sorry I never got round to taking you up on the offer.

31. Stay awake for 40 hours – Abandoned as Nick doesn’t want me ill!

37. Drive 40 different cars – Abandoned due to lack of time

43.String a necklace with 40 beads/ stones.

45. Ride for 40 minutes on a horse – Abandoned but thanks to Clare McCaffrey for being prepared to risk her horse with me!

50. Get 40 people to sign up to the Myeloma UK sponsored events -(www.justgiving.com/teams/retailwalk) This won’t be achieved, but I would love more people to sign up to their events and raise more money. If, in any way, I have inspired you, please, please think about supporting Myeloma UK by doing an event for them. Every penny helps!


If you would like to sponsor me with my #40ChallengesB440, to support Myeloma UK and help make myeloma history, please either

go to http://www.justgiving.com/Deb-Gascoyne


text ‘DEBG99 £X’ to 70070

e.g ‘DEBG99 £40′ if you want to donate £40

Post 17 – Challenge 1 updated!!!

A week or so ago I changed Challenge 1 slightly. The idea of all of these challenges is to raise awareness as well as to raise money. It has slowly dawned on me that only asking myeloma patients to get involved, whilst possible, wasn’t necessarily achieving as much as I could be achieving. By opening up this challenge to anyone who would like to support the 40B440 Challenge, it will hopefully mean that friends and family will get involved and ensure that we make even more people aware of what myeloma is….people whose friends have perhaps never heard of this cancer before.

Today made me realise that I had made the right decision and also showed me how 40B440 has impacted people. Nicki contacted Imageme via the Facebook page to say that they were friends with one of my myeloma friends….and that the 40 Challenges has inspired them to get involved….they are going to do the 3 Peaks in 24 hours to raise money for Myeloma UK and the 40 Challenges. So they are now added to my list and we have reached a total of 7 people for this challenge. If you would like to support her, please take a look at her just giving site at www.justgiving.com/Nicki-Howard1. In time, I hope you will be able to see lots of the people involved by going to http://www.justgiving.com/teams/40B440…and hopefully I can add some of your names to the list too! We’ve already had people on ebay, and a beautiful quilt of many colours that has raised over £400!

It has made me reflect a little bit. Someone said to me recently that they hadn’t got involved in charity work since they were in their 20′s. That seems to be quite common and to be fair, until my diagnosis, nor had I really. We gave a few pounds here and there and sponsored people as and when they asked, but in terms of being proactive, I hadn’t done anything since I did a skydive for MIND when I was just out of Uni. I think that is pretty normal…life takes over and I don’t think anyone should feel that it is an issue…it’s just normal. But that said, it doesn’t mean that people can’t get more involved when the opportunity arises. So if any of you are those people….why not get involved now. It can be anything at all….a skydive, selling some things on ebay, holding a cake sale….absolutely anything! Whether it is £40 or £400, every penny is important. And to be totally honest, whilst of COURSE I would like you to do it for Myeloma UK, 40 Challenges B4 40, and Challenge No1, if you chose to do it for someone else, that is great too! Because the feeling you get for raising money for something that is important to you is amazing. And there really are many superb causes out there…

In the meantime, I am going to keep smiling that I have inspired someone else to get involved…..it is totally what this whole year is about! Nicki has got it….and I’m hoping that another 33 people will join us :-)

Finally, I will be doing part of Challenge 10 (to make (or have donated) 40 cakes) and Challenge 34 (to make 40 cups of tea) on Sunday 8th June. So if you fancy popping in to say hello, we’ll be at West Wycombe Village Hall at the tabletop sale from 1pm till 5pm :-) We hope there’ll be some nice stalls, and definitely some chocolate brownie and a carrot cake or two to enjoy!


If you would like to sponsor me with my #40ChallengesB440, please either

go to http://www.justgiving.com/Deb-Gascoyne


text ‘DEBG99 £X’ to 70070

e.g ‘DEBG99 £40′ if you want to donate £40

Post 15 – Is it actually possible?

Ok, so I am now 12 challenges down, but have another 28 to achieve….a pretty big thing really. I’m not even sure if I can do it but I hope I can as I have already given up SO much of my own time and time that I could have been with my family. BUT….I don’t fail at things easily and so I need to keep going and hope that it will all come good.

So where are we since the last challenge update. Well, I have achieved a further 2 challenges.

Challenge No.2 was to ‘Climb 40 floors’ and I did it…and in less than 40 minutes which added another dimension to the challenge :-).  I can’t give full details on this one – the company don’t want any publicity. That said, I was really lucky to have a friend who worked in a very tall building and who was able to set me up to climb up the staircase one Sunday lunchtime. Now, 40 floors doesn’t sound too bad to Joe Public. But….it isn’t as easy as it sounds. And I think my lovely friend….Mr M….would agree with me as he had to climb all 40 floors to make sure I didn’t go AWOL and do anything dodgy in a fairly big London building. Which of course, I had absolutely no intention of doing! So two days ago, of we went and pictures below show the three stages…half way, at the top, and the gorgeous view that we had! Those of you who are linked to my Facebook page can also see a also a brief video of the last few floors just to prove that I wasn’t lying about the whole thing! For some reason I can’t attach it on here!



The second challenge that I achieved was Challenge 20 – to get 20 balls/shots through a netball post in 4 minutes. Those of you who know me will know that in April 2013, I took up netball again for the first time in nearly 20 years! Now even when I was 18, I had only really played netball for 2 years…before that, I had never been good enough for our school team. But at 16, I had moved schools, and I have to say, it made a huge difference to my sporting background….and to me. For two years I totally engrossed myself in sport, almost to the detriment of my A-levels. I played netball, lacrosse, squash, hockey and a few other bits and pieces! Even when i left school at 19, I carried on lacrosse for a couple of years in London. But then everything stopped. And then I had kids. And felt old. For a lot of people, I think they hit a certain age and think the only thing they can ever realistically do is the gym or running etc. But that is SO SO SO not true. I would encourage anyone out there who has EVER enjoyed a sport, to give it another go. Since the Olympics, I think that there are many more clubs out there who are ready to take on people who want to give sport another go. And so long as you are happy to try hard, they don’t care if you haven’t played for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or more. I owe an awful lot to ‘Back to Netball’, (Geri and Emily in particular!), for getting me back into netball. They made me so welcome that not only is it now a long term sport for me (I hope!), but also it is something that I absolutely love playing. I play with people who are young andImage old(er), and for the first time ever playing sport, I feel like it is about enjoyment, achievement and friendship all rolled into one!

Anyway, back to the challenge. I got back from my 40 floors on Sunday and thought I’d just practice challenge 20…to get 40 shots in
4 minutes. I’d been thinking perhaps I should change it to getting 4 people to do the challenge at the same time…i.e. 4 people to get 40 shots in 4 minutes. So I decided to give it a go and see how far off I was. And to my own surprise….I achieved it first time. Now I am a GS/ GA when I play these days, but still it had seemed an impossible task….but somehow I seemed to be on fire yesterday! I just need to hope I shoot that well next time we play a match!!!

I’d actually also like to take time at this stage to comment on a recent article that The Telegraph saw fit to publish.


Now, despite friends of mine who play basketball finding it amusing ( and don’t get me wrong, I have a sense of humour and can see the battle between basketball and netball), I found this article deeply insulting, and totally inaccurate. And more than that, damaging to young people who need to be able to have access to any sport that appeals to them whether that is netball, taekwondo, football or pilates! Making headlines suggesting that netball makes young people fat, is uneducated and runs the risk of alienating young people. In an age where most young people (including my own daughter at times!) would rather play Minecraft on their iPod or be on an XBox, than be outside, suggesting that any sport is wrong for children doesn’t help parents in an ever judging world. It is massively important, that we all look at our children to find what makes them happy. It is important that schools don’t stand on a status quo without assessing whether they move with the times. But to suggest that netball is the cause of ‘fat daughters’ is totally wrong! And makes me angry. I could go on. But I’ll stop here before I rant in full.



If you would like to sponsor me with my #40ChallengesB440, please either

go to http://www.justgiving.com/Deb-Gascoyne


text ‘DEBG99 £X’ to 70070

e.g ‘DEBG99 £40′ if you want to donate £40

Post 12: 3 Challenges Achieved – 40 Challenges B440

Ok….so my last post said that I wasn’t going to only post about my challenges…and over the past couple of weeks, I’ve wanted to post about a couple of more major topics, but I just haven’t had the time to put into making them what I want. So I’m afraid this is another post about my challenges…I hope you’ll forgive me.

This last week has been pretty busy in that I have now ticked off another 3 challenges!

Challenge 46 – Travel 40m on a zipwire

Now this was fun! Scary but fun!

On Wednesday a group of friends from school went off to Go Ape in Wendover to have a morning of swinging through the trees and facing our fears. I think for most of us, there was some fear of heights and the day was a great opportunity to overcome some of these…or at least face into them.

When I was about 14, I fell off a swing in the woods. It was one of those ones that someone had hung over a branch over a great big drop in the ground. You would run and swing round and then jump off when it got back to the higher ground. Great fun. Until I fell off over the highest drop. I remember my head really hurting for hours afterwards and I think it has given me a longterm issue. However, what I have realised is that my fear is of being hurt rather than of heights as such. So actually the Go Ape wasn’t as bad as I had thought although there were a couple of the activities that I found VERY tricky.

I would still find it hard to do something without safety wires but knowing that I couldn’t fall helped me a lot.


But the day was fabulous. I felt like we were all really there for each other and it was a lovely day with friends. Everyone was there for each other, and no matter how much people struggled on the course, there was no pressure from anyone. I’d like to call it a team building exercise, but that sounds a bit too commercial to be honest. But I did feel like it really strengthened friendships which was great. It also reminded me how important it is to find time to be with friends where you don’t have mobile phones, you don’t have distractions and where it is really quality time.

And almost as importantly, I completed my challenge of doing a 160m zip wire (4 times the expected zip wire!)

Zipwire Challenge video

Challenge 47 – Pull 40 pints

So after Wednesday’s Go Ape, I took on the second challenge. To pull 40 pints. We all headed down to our local at the George and ImageDragon in West Wycombe. They had kindly allowed me to do this at their pub, and had even agreed to donate 50p per pint pulled. What can I say? I absolutely loved it. It reminded me a little of when I worked in a bar at Uni…..pulling pints for friends is so nice, and I was really lucky that I had loads of support from so many friends….those from my NCT group, school friends, netball friends, and more! By 9pm I had finished the challenge and got to enjoy a drink or two on the other side of the bar! I haven’t counted up how much we raised but it is around £200 which isn’t bad going :-) I am really grateful to the George and Dragon, and the owners, Cindy and Ray for welcoming all of us that night!

Challenge 33 – 40 hours Sponsored Silence

I cannot even begin to explain how hard this was for me. I think it would be hard for anyone, but I love talking and do an awful lot of it! My friend said today that it sounds like a really easy challenge and she was right…it sounds easy, but in reality is nearly impossible!

I began the challenge at 3pm on Friday afternoon with the thought that I would finish at 7am on Sunday (today). The first few hours went fine but then I lost it twice in about half an hour. I can’t even remember what I said now, but it was something totally out of the blue and random. So I decided that i would start again and continue until 11am on Sunday. And with that, we made some rules as we realised how tricky the challenge was going to be. We decided that I would have a 10 minute extension and a £1 fine (to Myeloma UK) for every mistake I made.

In the end I finished at 11.40am this morning…four additional mistakes…sometimes one word (!), £4 to Myeloma UK.

Those who know me will know that I always have something to say. Nick challenged me to work out why exactly I found it so hard, and I’m still struggling to find the actual reason. So I thought I’d work out which the times were when I failed….

  • Twice it was because Rebecca talked to me. I’m not blaming her. But as a parent you don’t often totally ignore your child…you at least say one word to them. Once was in the garden centre when she started to explain why they’d changed a plant…..all I did was start to tell her that it was fine that they’d done it….to the response “Mummy you’re talking!” Once was just when she was doing something wrong and I mentioned her name.
  • Once it was whilst we were watching TV. I can’t remember what it was but I just started saying something about what we were watching. Nick’s response…”You’re talking”.

I think we forget how much conversation is a part of life. Nick couldn’t have made it easier for me….he would start every sentence with “Don’t talk but…..”. He did everything he could to make it easier for me. I think he loved me being quiet though! He said it was very calming! Haha.

I found it horrendous. I was miserable. I hated it on those few occasions that I spoke, I felt like I’d failed. Nick says I’m too hard on myself….that I did really well. But I still wish I’d done it without talking. I’ve done the challenge, but not as well as I’d have liked to do it.


Anyway, I am so pleased to have ticked off another 3 challenges. I am hoping that this month I can finish another 2 or 3. I will be climbing 40 floors at the end of the month, hope to do 40 x 20 second planks (don’t ask if you don’t know!), and am hoping one or two others may come to fruition too! I’m still looking for lots of businesses to donate £40 (please take the hint!) and am also hoping to have 40 cakes or the ingredients donated by the end of May for a cake sale that we’re hoping to hold on the 8th June. If you can help, just let me know!

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me so far. I know I’m asking a lot this year, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get……


If you would like to sponsor me with my #40ChallengesB440, please either

go to http://www.justgiving.com/Deb-Gascoyne


text ‘DEBG99 £X’ to 70070 e.g ‘DEBG99 £40′ if you want to donate £40

Mat Talk

Lest you think our family is obsessed with all things martial arts, I wanted to share something else we are involved in.


(Trent, my 112 lb. 9th grade wrestler with the yellow shoes)

  Joe started his career as a teacher and high school wrestling coach.  He coached for ten years and has been involved with community wrestling since then.
  When our first son was about two years old, he used to put all of his stuffed animals in a pile and run around them yelling, “two points! two points.”

(Trent and Tyler. Brothers talking strategy)
Well, twenty-three years and four sons later, wrestling continues to play a big part in our lives.  All of our sons have been quite successful in the sport. 
Jace and Trent who took 5th in State!!
We just finished the official wrestling season last week.  We spent two days at the Utah 4A State tournament cheering for our high school team and supporting my freshman son.

   I feel so blessed to have been able to watch most of Trent’s matches this year.  I’ve missed so many of them over the past two years. Even if I don’t understand all the moves and rules, and the seats get uncomfortable and the crowd gets so noisy, there is nothing better than being able to watch your child work and struggle and wrestle after paying the price in practice for weeks and months.

Jace declared the winner of a match last year

I live each second on the mat with him. My heart pounds in my chest with each point given.  Whether the ref raises my wrestlers arm at the end …. or not, I was there standing on sidelines or seating in the stands rooting for him all the way.  Feeling his successes or his failures, I am there. 

   Wrestling is a lot like life. It’s tough! We all need a lot of practice.  Sooner or later we will be out on that mat by ourselves facing challenges and fighting to come out on top.  Somethings we must face alone.  We all must be prepared to face our opponents or situations and sometimes we must do it by ourselves; One on one against the opposition or problem. However, through the easy or the hard it is good to know there are family or fans cheering us on from the sidelines.
  I hope my sons and my daughters will know and understand that no matter what comes in their lives, I will be there cheering them on from the sidelines and enjoying my involvement in their lives.

Oh, and about me. I go to Huntsman for tests this week. Labs, an MRI, and another biopsy.  Fun.  Wish me Luck and may all my numbers be good.