Not long now.

Only two days until the first day of Spring and the start of my monthly 21st Century Garden photos. I am really excited as I have extended the vegetable patch in my garden this year, so hopefully there will be more to show you all. I haven’t got any photos from January, but I did take a couple last month.

Last year the veggie patch fence was between the corner by the house and the post and the post and the hedge. If you look carefully, I reckon you can all work it out.

I did take a photo on 1st March so you could all see the wonderful gate that Mike made for me. The original one that I had when I created the patch two years ago, while Mike was lazing about in hospital, was constructed from an old cot side and was never made to last given the British weather.

Well, you can see a bit of it.

What’s That!?! 7

OK I know it’s the 21st and in the past I would have been posting photos of my garden, but to be honest there isn’t alot to show you. I haven’t got the hang of year round growing so with the exception of one leek and raspberries which are still growing, still ripening and yet have no flavour, there is nothing to see. I’d like to say next year will be different, but I’ll probably fail yet again. Story of my life, a heap of good intentions which inevitably end in either disaster or a bag at the back of the under stairs’ cupboard. I wish like Roo and Paula

September 21st Garden

Another month has flown by and it’s time to show you all my garden. It is probably the very last time as the weather has turned a bit nippy and most of my produce has done it’s thing and is now over.

A mess of unthinned leeks and compost tomatoes.
Slowly going red, chillies now it’s chilly.
The raspberries are still doing what raspberries do.
The tomatoes still refuse to ripen.Next month we’ll have to find something more interesting to blog about, although if good news is no news we’re glad we’re boring you all.

August 21st Garden

Well August has arrived. The peas are over now, so no more photos this year.

The courgettes continue to grow.

The tomatoes are doing a bit better, but still green.

The onions are small, but perfect for pickling.

The first of the beetroot has been picked and pickled.

The chillies, the red ones are picked regularly.

A second crop of raspberries.

Baby sweet corn.

July 21st Garden

It’s the 21st again so time for an update on my vegetable garden.
Beetroot looking good.
´╗┐ NO!!! Not more courgette/zucchini´╗┐
Cherry Tomatoes
Marmande tomato

Raspberry plants take over the worldI mentioned last week that we had been busy in the garden, doing this:

Which resulted in this:
So much soil for such a small hole and I get to riddle it all and put the big stones in a skip. ´╗┐