T-Mobile about to cut me off the Internet!

I have had a text through from T-Mobile saying that I am 80% 0f my monthly fair use policy and to visit t-mbile.co.uk/broadbandhelp for info on what to expect if you reach 100%

What this says is that if I reach 100% they will cut off the internet, but I will still be able to use my phone for basic things like email etc.

I have telephoned T-Mobile and explained my situation to them, that I am a cancer patient, currently undergoing a bone marrow transplant in isolation and the internet is my own form of communication. Although the woman I spoke to seemed very nice, all she told me is that there is a fair usage policy and that they can’t change it. I asked to speak to someone who could and she said she would get her manager to ring me back in about an hour.

I’m hoping that they can change it so that I can have the internet during my hospital stay. There must be someone who can authorise it.

I can just see the headlines now, ‘T-Mobile cut off internet for dying cancer patient’ I’m sure that will go down well with the publicity campaign.

So If I suddenly stop blogging, it isn’t because I have popped my clogs (although it might be but unlikely) it’s because T-Mobile have cut me off!

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