Susie Hemingway – A Power Within. 2010-11-05 07:56:00

Beautiful mellow Autumn days spent quietly, enjoying precious time with good food and sweet music. Nothing terribly important to report. We are to meet the nice Macmillan Nurse who phoned this week later on this month. Hamada does not really need assistance yet from this wonderful team of nurses and I hope it will be a long time before he does but as they say it will be nice to have a visit, so the nurse may get to know him. I will have the kettle on ready for a cuppa together. This will also give me a moment to ask questions and further advice.

We are planning to visit Haematology on the 11th to get CBC’s done, in future I will be able to read the kidney results on-line and this has now been set-up. So a future plan seems to be taking place and in the meantime we are looking forward to Hamada’s birthday at the weekend and a small celebration, a planned meal at the village pub which he usually enjoys very much. The photos here are from “Hemingway” It is a beautiful Autumn here in this little Village in the month of November.

Photos: Susie’s Collection at “Hemingway”