Survivorship – The first 4 months

Late last year (2009) I gave a presentation to my myeloma group on myeloma survivorship, my first four months.
My presentation commenced with my condition at diagnose and I discussed if I wanted to be a survivor.
Some of my strengths are: Positive attitude, can see the big picture, don’t get bogged down with trivia, good planning and organisational skills, a willingness to learn, a self belief that I can do anything. How I used those strengths as part of my survivorship skills was explained in the six survivorship skills I identified.

Pro-active stance: Take ownership of my illness. Before I could move forward and fight my disease I had to address issues that would hold me back.
Myeloma support group: A support system with other myeloma patients.
Team Sid: A network of practical help and support.
Create a myeloma and medical knowledge base: To take ownership of my illness I had to learn about my illness.
Maintain a positive attitude: Continue what I always do, be positive.
Create positive affirmations: Compliments a positive attitude.

My next six postings will expand upon those six survivorship skills.

Two survivorship definitions:
Stages of survivorship: Debbie Moore LBF NZ.
Acute –Begins with diagnosis and spans the time of further diagnostic and treatment effects.
Livestrong – Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Survivorship begins at diagnosis, the moment your battle with cancer begins, and continues through your treatment and beyond.