Funny, I’m sitting here amazed how I have so many things going on, yet faced with cancer… like really WTF?!!!
We’re planning the 1 year anniversary of my foundation Mae’s Breath and I’m promoting my book-Another Face of Multiple Myeloma, and spearheading my start up. I had a surreal aha moment….

It’s really true- to do all you want to do with a faith, commitment, and hope. Trials and tribulations is the name of the game in life, but I tell you it never fails to amaze me how some can’t make it through when the trials push hard, yet those such as myself, can’t fathom the thought of giving up.

I believe when you give up is when your body and mind shuts off. The fight and walk in life is not easy; cheers for so many who want to keep pushing.

Mindy McCready
Never give up!!