Surprise, surprise…

This morning I had a surprise visit from my lovely sister Kate. I had been really disappointed not to be able to join her and my nephew (never mind Leona Lewis!) at the premier of Walking on Sunshine last night. But Kate popped in this morning with a goody bag from the event.
Kate said it had been great fun and she had been able to have quite a chat to Leona about horses as apparently she owns a couple herself, so they had something in common.

Not that I have been short of surprises. Yesterday I received a big parcel from my very thoughtful brother and family followed by another later on in the day and a couple of cards. They certainly cheered me up.

And I had two visits from Pollyanna, one at breakfast time and another later in the evening.

I am still neutropenic and waiting, maybe not so patiently, for my numbers to go up. It is wishful thinking on my part, to think I will get home for the weekend, but at least I haven’t got an infection. Every day I visit Ambulatory care for my bloods to be taken and my obs to be done and other than that I spend most of the day sleeping. I haven’t got any energy to do much else at the moment so I can’t be much company for poor old Colin. It’s not great being stuck in a hotel room especially when the weather outside is so glorious.

Thank you for all your best wishes

Deborah x

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