Surprise, Surprise! Rescues and Results

And just like that… July is gone and August is here! Still I pause and reminisce my July 2010 life-saving, life-altering events, and marvel at where I am 4 years later.
I am still here Myeloma!

Since my last blog posting and July milestones, I’ve met with my oncologist/hematologist, received my monthly results, discussed my current stats and treatment plan for this month and possibly next. I’ve taken note that I’ve completed 10 months of Revlimid and Dex since coming out of remission last year, dealt with several new varieties of side effects and weird physical stuff, but over-all, my quality of life is rather tolerable… considering I have “terminal, incurable” cancer, and I’m limited by how immune compromised I am.

But the ironies of my life never cease to humor and distract me from dwelling too long on my cancer status. I’ve always known my tendencies towards nurturing/healing/helping others, but my continual intersections with those that need me seem to never cease. So listen up Cancer… I have NO time for YOU!!!

This is what happened in my life this past week: 

 3 little sparrows needed me

 And my life is currently consumed with 
feeding these sweet babies every 30-40 minutes
Sun up to Moon rise!
So really Myeloma, listen up: I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU!
I laugh at all the things that life throws my way. Perhaps I unintentionally intentionally attract these curious adventures? Yet what I do know, is that on a small scale I have been destined to find (or they find me!) a multitude of nature’s most beautiful creatures that need my rescue and rehab! My mission here on earth Myeloma, is far from over, so just move on over and out of my life, and let me get on with saving other lives (human and animal).

I was QUITE SURPRISED to learn my Myeloma numbers were back UP this month, and my immune system continues to be borderline scary compromised! Into my “bubble” I go… ugh, I am so scared about getting sick, as there are so many germs out there, just lurking to attack those of us with weak immune systems!

So here’s my results in #s :
WBC’s really low:  2.5 (4.0-11 scale)
ANC (Absolute Neutrophils Count): 1.3 (1.8-7.7 x 1000/mcL) eekk!

M-Protein/M-Spike up again:  0.85 (normal = 0.0)
Beta Globulin Electrophoresis:  1.46 (0.65-1.10 scale)
Gamma Globulin Electrophoresis:   0.41 (0.70-1.60 scale)

IGA:  1110 (70-400 scale) up again from last month (I’m “high risk” IgA Myeloma)
IGG:   335 (700-1600 scale)
IGM:    17 (40-230 scale)

So what’s all this mean? I’ll continue on with Rev 10mg + Dex 20mg for August and see what happens. My oncologist and I agreed that if the numbers continue their upward climb, we’ll try Rev 15mg for September, or add/try Velcade or another treatment option. My Drs are worried about my compromised immune system as there’s a delicate dance here between treatment options and my ability to tolerate it. But I’ll fight the fight, whatever that fight might be, as I have too much left here to do.

These past couple of months, several amazing people I know lost their battle to various cancers, including Myeloma, and others have been newly diagnosed. The tragic passing of loved ones is a wake up call to me to continue to view everyday as a Bucket List Day, take nothing for granted, find joy, happiness, humor, purpose and fulfillment each and every day! Yes, I worry about my “situation”, but I don’t dwell on it. I am cautiously optimistic that I’ll get many more years, but I am also realistic…

So on the days I can, when I feel well, 
I enjoy all the little adventures that intersect my life!

Jim and I took a little road trip the other day. Not too far, not too dramatic, but we spontaneously took off on a day we both felt ok. We’ve decided we’ll do more of these little mini one-day vacays. 
I don’t venture too far from home, too far from the bathroom or risk too much contact with germy people. “Less Is More” is just fine with us.
Last month, I was able to celebrate
Kristin and Ashley’s life successes! 
Just love these girls!
Dex really slammed me that day, 
and it was quite a funny ride!
I had so many other things I was going to write about, but my little baby birdies have totally distracted me! So if you’re curious about the birdie’s story, here’s my other blog :) 

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Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something as often as you can!