Superior Multiple Myeloma Survival without Transplant –  The Cure Panel broadcast by Dr. Berenson is now available online!

To quote Priya Menon of Cure Talk “Dr. Berenson’s broadcast was WONDERFUL!”  Pat Killingsworth (author, MM advocate, and panel member) said, “Very impressive! Not often real news breaks during these things. EXCELLENT!”  I could not agree more.   You can listen to this can’t miss broadcast by just clicking on the link:
This broadcast has a wealth of information, and I had planned on blogging about it in more detail, however Pat Killingworth has sent me a link to his blog that provides a very nicely written summary of the broadcast.  To view this summary clink on the link: Pats Blog  
Two other summaries by the Cure Talk staff are available if you clink on: CureTalk1 orCureTalk2.

Priya Menon had also written the attached about this broadcast. 

“Let People Live Their Lives!” Listen to Dr. Berenson on Myeloma Treatment without Transplant – Cure Panel Talk Show Broadcast

Broadcast of The Cure Panel Talk Show with Dr. James Berenson

CureTalk thanks Dr. James Berenson, Gary PetersenJack AielloPat Killingsworth, and Matt Goldman for a very engaging and informative web panel discussion on multiple myeloma treatment. We had a full house listening to Dr. Berenson talk about his IMBCR ‘no transplant’ treatment and the panelists extracting as much information and knowledge from Dr. Berenson. Dr. Berenson patiently explained and answered all questions posed to him by panelists as well as the callers.