Super Pooper

We’ve had a big spider living in the corner of our garage door for a good month or so. When the weather was warm, he/she would weave really cool webs, somehow allowing just enough room for our car to drive in and out of the garage without messing the web up. When we’d arrive home and raise the garage door, the spider would get really excited (and/or terrified) and wave his/her little arms at us. On days when the weather was colder, he/she would curl up in a little ball and wait it out. Sometimes, we’d get worried that the unmoving ball-of-spider had gone to that Giant Web in the Sky, but then the weather would warm up again, and he/she would come to life again and weave another web.
We got really attached to the spider. WCK named him/her Super Pooper.*
This morning as we left for school, we did our usual check on Super Pooper and found that he** was gone! I like to think that he wandered off to find a warmer place to sleep for the winter; WCK thinks he got squashed. I never found the body, though, so I like to think that Super Pooper is OK and that he’ll be back again someday. Godspeed, Super Pooper. Godspeed.

*Why you should never ask a six-year-old, “What should we name the spider?”
**I’ll just go ahead and call the spider “he”, because isn’t Super Pooper more of a boy’s name?