Super Bowl Sunday

Well, the whole gang was here.  Wendy, Bubby, Dennis, Cheryl and Chris.

Wendy, Bubby and Chris spent the night.

I baked our annual Country Ham (gift from pal Goldie in KY).  Also made Balsamic Vinegar Deviled Eggs, Garlic Deviled Eggs and my “loaded stuffed potato” Potato Salad with Mayo, Sour Cream, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Green Onions and Bacon.  Had a couple different breads and cheeses for the sandwiches.  (We got into the crispy skin before I took a picture…ab fab!)

Wendy brought over a Cheese Plate.  Cheryl brought over a bottle of Patron Cafe.  Chris brought over a Bavarian Cream King Cake.

Between the seven of us, we figured out how to do a Super Bowl Pool….we were like kindergartners!

As usual, we had a grand time!