Sunday July 13th – Day 3

All is going pretty well. I am still up here on T16 with an amazing view over London. It looks a little overcast this morning but I think the sun will break through.
Yesterday was pretty good. It was very exciting to see my sister who came to give Colin a break and the opportunity to get back home and check up on things there. I hadn’t seen Kate for a while so it was lovely to see her looking so healthy and happy.
Apart from feeling pretty tired and a little upset tummy I think things are going better here than I expected. The room is now smelling lemon fresh, thanks to Tesco’s antibacterial wipes. We even managed to pinch a fridge from a vacated room! Colin returned last night and I think we both slept pretty well.
So let’s hope today is much of the same. I think I can cope with boring and uneventful at the moment. I know I am yet to become neutropenic and that I am likely to have a few rough days ahead but I shall practice my living in the moment and take full advantage of the lull before the storm .
Happy Sunday to you all

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