Sunday Evening, Its Been a Good Weekend

We stayed down at the Sheraton Suites until Saturday morning. It was a great time and my energy held up well. Plus, I am afraid I will jinx it by saying something, I have not had any cramping this cycle. It does seem like between 5 and 7 PM I get nauseate and gagging, and can usually get it under control and get an anti-nausea pill down. We were at dinner Thursday night with a large group (Florida council volunteers Gretchen and Dan, Mike and Cindy L., Paul P., Greg G., Rick, Bob) to a very nice Italian restaurant. The red wine flowed and I enjoyed a glass then began indicating “no more” to the waiter, but Greg had at least 3 glasses, it was good stuff. The whole meal was very good and I even tried a few bites of Mike’s lamb. I had bought a new shirt at the boutique and wore it with a black sweater wrap and my black capri jeans and heels and felt very dressed up. It so nice to gussy up and go out and play with the adults and look and feel good while doing it! People should never take stuff like that for granted.

Friday night’s closing banquet was huge, as usual, and a bit of a push for me. Larry and Susie got our table and we were in the very back row, which was fine with me. The food was OK, the company at the table nice, but it was freezing in there and even wearing Greg’s jacket did not help. I did make my way all the way to the front to say hello to Nanette M., and Bob even turned and gave my hand a squeeze and told me I was doing a fantastic job or something to that effect. The top guy in the organization! Wow! I ended up yapping about how much I like Texas and how I came out ahead with the doctors and medical care. Since it was so cold and I did not want to make Greg leave, I went and sat outside the banquet on through the bar overlooking the veranda and found it very warm and comfortable, I even dozed a little. Greg came and found me when he had had enough and we headed back to the hotel room, we were at the next-door Sheraton Suites, all the Planning Meeting stuff was held at the Hilton Anatole, a very nice and swanky hotel really.

At church this morning there was a tribute to World War II veterans, then all of them, and a presentation about Sid B.’s organization that takes vets to see the memorials in Washington. Greg and I went to CostCo and Tom Thumb in the afternoon after I napped for over an hour. We are planning to cook out shish ke bobs for the Memorial Day off tomorrow with the girls. We invited a few other people but its not looking like anyone is joining us at the moment. Thats OK, more for us! It looks like we might get some rain tonight, there are severe storm warnings going on right now, I am excited, we really need some rain!

I am waiting on Dr. Anderson to release my light chains results from last Tuesday, then am planning to do a regular update (the kind I distribute and post on Facebook) complete with wedding summary and an outline of my new treatment regimen.