I’m one of those runners who always wants to be alone. I don’t want to run with a friend or in a group; I just want to listen to my music and think deep thoughts.

Except the thoughts I think while I’m running aren’t really that deep. Most of the time, I get to the end of a run and I can’t even remember what I thought about. Other times, I realize that things I thought were fabulous ideas right around mile 6 are actually really stupid. For example, yesterday my hat kept blowing off in the wind. I spent a long time trying to think of ways I could keep it on. Could I make some kind of chin strap? (Just wait; that’s not even the stupidest thing that I thought of. It’s coming up.) Could I wear a different style of hat? Oh, I know! I could run in a sunbonnet like Laura Ingalls!

I actually thought this was a good idea for a brief time, but then I finally rejected it because the sunbonnet would get too sweaty. Now, if I could find a sunbonnet made from moisture wicking material, I might be on to something.