Summer Work Top Plans

I had a little fabric splurge.
Recent stash-busting activity has left me with very little office-appropriate fabric to play with. I have the ingredients for a black skirt and a grey skirt and possibly a leftover-plum-wool skirt, but that’s about it.
So I decided that it was about time I made some minor investments:  a Re-Stash, if you like!

Tops by Anna McClurg, $130 each – beautiful!

My inspiration began on Anna McClurg’s blog.   Her simple sleeveless shirts in understated fabrics strike me as perfect for summer work-wear, with a cardigan on top.
Of course, I am not terribly good at “understated” so the plan… mutated.
My splurge involved 1950’s strawberries, Snow White’s apples, Cosmic Blue, rainbow stripes… and sober white.
Note that last one: sober white.
See? I can do it when I try!

I have a 1960’s Simplicity shirt pattern that I want to try out.
It is the same size and from the same era as my Raindrops on Roses top, so I am hoping that it fits as well.
I had earmarked the rainbow-striped cotton for my first attempt, but it turned out to be much narrower than I thought and I can’t squeeze a blouse out of my single metre, not even with a plain white collar.  So I am back to the drawing board.

Or should that be the ironing board?

Yay!  I finally bought myself a proper solid, beech wood ironing board :)
It is incredibly sturdy and ominously heavy.  I still have to perfect the art of putting it up without falling over under its weight.

The old one was so flimsy it bounced while I ironed, and the dog knocked it over as he barged past.  It was made of wire mesh, covered in crumbling yellow foam and hole-ridden polyester.  I used to iron on top of a towel to protect my clothes. The final straw was when the edge of my iron slid off the towel and caught the foam, which instantly melted and spread across the blouse I was ironing.  Grrrrr…..
Tonight I made use of that lovely smooth wooden surface to lay out my fabric and play with my pattern pieces.  Very satisfying, if unproductive.
Maybe my first job should be to make an ironing board cover.  What a shame there isn’t enough of the rainbow striped cotton!