Summer sunshine

Well I thought that I’d use my time hooked up to my fluids to write an update. Seems a shame to be stuck inside on a drip when it us so sunny outside but hey ho – hopefully it’s all for the right reasons. I have to have an hour of fluids everytime I have velcade….something about preventing sickness and dizziness I think they said.

One of my lovely sisters has helped us out today with it being the Easter hols. She came down from London with her kids and has taken the kids to the park while I get my treatment. I’m very much looking forward to catching up with them after and just hope I’m not too shattered as I’m not feeling too hot at the moment and we still have to drive home.

What was good today though was that she dropped me at the hospital which meant that the kids have seen it for the first time. Both had a quick toilet stop (!) but Rebecca also came u to the outpatients ward to say hello to some of the staff! Sam really didn’t want to and so he went back to the car with his cousins but it’s all just a way of hopefully getting them less worried about what’s happening to me. Rebecca was very chuffed as one of the nurses gave her some biscuits….friend for life there!! And hopefully sam might like the idea more next time as it’s him that is obviously more scared of the whole hospital thing. But a great start for them both and also means that the transplant won’t be their first time of coming here.

Right, going to try to get 30minutes of shut eye now!!