Summary January 19 to January 21 2013

Working hard on my Mackay Idaho blog and getting the housework done along with the laundry. I like laundry for some dumb reason.

It finally warmed up a tad here in Mackay and when the mercury hit almost 20 degrees, I walked Kemmer to the Mackay City Limit and back (0.82 miles).

I continue tired and not sleeping well, trying to fight fatigue with activity. On Sunday, I walked Kemmer again, but we only went 0.54 miles right here in the neighborhood. My typical day of late is to get the mail for my father at the Post Office, visit with him and head home to the sofa.
On Martin Luther King Day, January 21 2013, I left from the Idaho Falls Airport for DIA – Denver, Colorado on United Express. I have a 3-month follow-up appointment with Clay Smith, MD at the University of Colorado Hospital on January 22 2013.

I arrived 2 hours early for my flight because I read the ticket incorrectly – can you say CHEM BRAIN…. I wore a N-95 mask and don’t you think it is a miracle that I can see through those dirty reading glasses???
It was just 4 degrees when we took off.

Denver’s famous brown cloud, January 21 2013. Even though I’m a gazillion miles from health care living in Idaho – it has to be better for me than this air!

 DIA from the air January 21 2013

I asked for assistance (wheelchair) at the B93 gate to the Main DIA  Concourse via the train system and I’m so glad I did. I think I could have walked dragging my suitcase and backpack, but it might have taken me 3 hours. Thank you DIA for the nice ride.

Jani met me on the curb outside DIA on her first pass – so, it was just perfect. Wonderful to see my sister again. I was a bit dehydrated since it is HARD to drink with a mask on, so I made up for it this evening. Jani and Robbyn made me a steak, broccoli, and yam dinner – yummy.