Summary February 8 to February 12 2013

February 8 2013: Couldn’t sleep last night and finally got up at 3:15 AM…might as well do something than fret that I cannot sleep. 

My guts are hurting. I took Pepcid on top of Zantac and Prilosec with a little relief. The burning sensation in my stomach with pain that radiates around my chest feels best when my stomach is FULL. 

I noticed today for the first time a little bit of hair in the shower drain – the first hair that I’ve lost since March 2012! I think this is just normal hair growth and loss.

February 9 2013: Slept much better and have a lot more energy today. Continued gastritis and I took Pepcid again. Worked all day on my medical deductions for my taxes and I’m almost finished.

February 10 2013: Again, slept better and my energy seems good. Revlimid Day 12/21 and diarrhea as usual. Continued gastritis.

The bruise by my Bard Power Port continues BRUISED.

I can take Dex 10 mg on Sunday’s, but decided not to – mainly to control my appetite.

I walked Kemmer 1.28 miles. Windy and cold.

Mine Hill from Big Lost River Smelter Bridge Feb 10 2013
New hat from a friend in Alaska. She made it!!!!

February 11 2013: Woke really TIRED this morning. Finished up my taxes and got them in the mail this morning – YEA!

The injection sites on my abdomen have been oozing a little bit of blood (very little), so, I think my platelets must be low. I only gave myself 7,500 units of Fragmin tonight instead of the normal 15,000 units. Called and ordered more Fragmin which will be delivered Friday, 15 Feb 2013.

No walk today because it is just too cold outside.

February 12 2013: 
Bruise continues next to my Bard Power Port, but it starting to change colors in healing.