Summary February 1 to February 5 2013

Feb 1 2013 (Friday): Walked Kemmer 0.82 miles.

Saw a not so lucky porcupine along side the road. They are really cute animals.

Feb 2 2013 (Saturday): Walked Kemmer 1.32 miles to the Big Lost River Smelter Bridge. I had upper back pain across my scapula especially on the right side, so I took ½ Percocet, which really helped. I haven’t taken any Percocet since 20 Dec 2012 when I needed it for my post- Bard Power Port placement. Plain Tylenol has been helping adequately with my leg and back pains. I decided to hold my Fragmin injection, which probably wasn’t a good idea. I took ½ Imodium because I am back on Revlimid 10 mg (Day 4/21) and it always gives me diarrhea.

Feb 3 2013 (Sunday):Walked Kemmer 0.82 miles. 

I took ½ Percocet twice for leg pain and “creepy legs”. Started back on the Fragmin 15,000 units injection. I can take 10 mg of dex on Sunday’s and I decided not to take it since I was able to maintain my walking schedule. I had a little bit of chest pain, especially on the left side, which I attributed to stomach acid. I took Pepcid and felt better even though I take Zantac and Prilosec twice daily on a regular basis. My stomach is ALWAYS a bit upset.

Feb 4 2013 (Monday):Didn’t walk Kemmer today because I used all of my available energy to help at the Mackay Food Bank – filling boxes. I wore gloves and mask the whole time – but, I kept up with everyone. I can’t believe they haven’t fired me since I’ve missed so many months.

I decided to take just 7,500 units of Fragmin today since my abdomen is one bigger bruise than it usually is from the injections. I took ½ Percocet twice again in the 24 hours for leg tightness, but I’m sure I do not need it.

Feb 5 2013 (Tuesday): Decided not to take any more Percocet for the time being. I walked Kemmer 0.82 miles. 

Stopped to talk to my neighbor who is here to ice fish on the Mackay Dam…always enjoy our visits.

Used my available energy to vacuum part of the house after a friend carried my inversion table upstairs to get it out of the way. Spent a fair amount of time one-with-my-sofa. In fact, my sofa is a big part of my life every day!