Summary 11 January 2013 to 16 January 2013

On 11 Jan 2013, my blood counts were all very low and I HELD my Revlimid 10 mg oral dose and my Fragmin subcutaneous injection dose. I also had a pretty good case of post-shingles pain over my left mid-back area. I took an extra famciclovir (anti-viral) and the pain almost went away. When this shingles pain comes, it is SO TEMPTING to take a pain pill like Percocet, but it is just not necessary if I remember the anti-viral.
Over the weekend 12-13 Jan 2013, I was TIRED and other than doing some laundry, I watched a LOT of football on television. Revlimid speeds my GI Tract up and I end up needing to take Imodium every 3-4 days to keep the crampy diarrhea in check.
My father turned 92 years old on 14 Jan 2013. I went over to his place to wish him a Happy Birthday and did his dishes…not much of a celebration and I felt badly about that. His friends brought him a chocolate birthday cake that afternoon.
My hair is WICKY…won’t go straight and is frizzy at the ends – I’m sure changes from Cytoxan that I had just 2 doses of.
Monday, 15 Jan 2013, continued tired. Would like to go out and walk with Kemmer, but the outside temperature has hovered from MINUS 11 to 10 degrees above for the last week and it just isn’t possible.
Tuesday, 16 Jan 2013, we had another inch of new snow and I was able to shovel the front walk and in front of the garage doors – but, not the driveway. My pulse soared to 125, but came back down to 98 when I sat down.
Today, Wednesday, 16 January 2013, I packed Bart with my stuff for an overnight in Twin Falls, Idaho. My oncologist Dr. Padavanjia faxed an order for blood work to Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, Idaho (just 30 miles down the road) for this morning. Then, I was to call the results to see if I needed to proceed on to St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls for my weekly chemo (carfilzomid/dex/Cytoxan).
My white blood cell count was low at 2.2 (norms 4-11.2), hemoglobin was low at 9.1 (norms 12-16); platelet count was at 69 (norms 140-440); and Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) low at 1.08 (norms 2-8).
All of the values are low, but slightly higher than they were on 11 Jan 2013, so that means they are treading upward in the direction of normal.

I spoke with RN Anne at St. Luke’s Hospital and she spoke with Dr. Padavanija who decided that they would HOLD my chemo for today and tomorrow (Cycle 3, Week 3, Days 1 and 2). I need to continue to take my Revlimid 10 mg tonight and I took 20 mg of dex this morning. Dex has anti-myeloma action in multiple myeloma and it helps with my energy too. Will continue Fragmin (anticoagulant) at:
Platelet Count Greater Than 50 – Take Fragmin 15,000 units
Platelet Count Less Than 50 – Take Fragmin 7,500 units
Platelet Count Less Than 30 – Hold Fragmin and Revlimid
My kidney function blood tests remain normal and I am happy for that.

Late this afternoon, I shoveled parts of my driveway and I’m sure the dex helped with that. And the 11 degree above helped too!