Sugar Decrease Challenge

Happy New Year!

Well as I last posted on my facebook update- this year is all about a healthier mind frame.
The key to myeloma and health is lessen the sugar intake. During the holiday I definitely over indulged in Spanish coquito (Spanish version rum based eggnog), between this and homemade cakes and cookies, I gained 7 lbs. I had a serious hissy fit and knew the change would be necessary.
Sugar and myeloma or any other disease is not a good cocktail. My goal for the new year is to limit
the amount of sugars I intake. They’ll be times I may slip, but being mindful of what I’m putting in my body is the key. I’ve stopped drinking soda for over 10 years now, so juice you would think is a better option…. not really!
4-5 cups of juice equals a lot of future damage. As we get older we have to think of the possibility of diabetes. The joy of sugar is grand and all but taking insulin for the rest of my life and worrying about myeloma on top of that is not an option.

The next few months I will be on the sugar challenge- not totally kicking it to the curb but in moderation. This is the year of moderation.
Won’t you join me?


I’m not a huge chocolate eater, but every now and then I may get a craving.


Instead of popping chocolate, how about almonds, or trail mix with raisins or cranberries for that kick. However, be mindful of the intake- moderation….. it’s about moderation!