Such Compassion

I suppose that I am more compassionate than many, and even more than I used to be myself, since Multiple Myeloma made so many changes to my life. So maybe I’m just being over sensitive, but it seems to me that there is a viciousness rising visibly in American politics. I didn’t like hearing the cheers as Rick Perry was fielding a debate question and the number of executions in Texas was mentioned. People cheered the high number. Then I listened to Ron Paul, a physician as well as presidential candidate, say that a 30 year old man, without health insurance and laying in a coma should be allowed to die for inability to pay for lifesaving treatment. Michelle Bachman said in a speech that if people didn’t work then they should be able to eat. There was no regard to circumstances, just a blanket rule including everyone. Work or die, never mind the unemployment numbers. A congresswoman said in an interview that if her favored agenda wasn’t carried she and her followers should exert their Second Amendment rights.

Really? I mean, a lot of incredibly insensitive things have been said as people are campaigning for votes. Electric fences capable of electrocution, and not to mention moats stocked with predators have become a part of a political platofrm. Actually, a couple of them. I came from an America where every person was important regardless of race, creed or religion. I took pride that my nation was considered a moral entity, respected virtually everywhere for our generosity.