Style and the late James Garner

As we all now have heard,  Actor James Garner has died at 86.   He was a consumate gentleman and had a certain style which has been noted in the press since his death.   In 1974 in an episode of The Rockford Files,  Mr. Garner was putting on a dress shirt, which he always wore with open collar….. beneath his open collared dress shirt he had on a White V-Neck Tee Shirt…..  up to that point in my 12 yrs on earth I had worn regular white t-shirts with my dress shirts… They were bought by my mother without my imput.  But now and ever since I have purchased V-neck white T-shirts for my under garments.   I never wear a dress shirt without a v-neck tee shirt.  It was heretofore unknown to me in 1974 that such appropriate under garments of proper shape and form for dress shirts existed.

     Call me crazy and perhaps one should,  but it bugs the hell out of me to see otherwise sharply dressed men wearing an open collared shirt with a regular white t-shirt underneath.  A plain white t-shirt under a dress is an abomination of fashion!