Struggling along

Well felt pretty perky until Monday am. Bob and Tom visited Sunday which was lovely and bought up new things. I managed to eat some proper food – as much as a plate of reheated mush can be called proper!).

But then woke feeling decidedly yucky on Monday am – very tired, queasy etc – classic signs the chemo was kicking in. I certainly struggled all day and slept a lot of the time. They decided as I was hardly eating that to take the pressure off me they would start feeding through my PEG (stomach line) overnight. It really does help to know they can do that. I had more chemo yesterday and again today. Today I also felt bad but after discussions with one of our lovely nurses we tried another anti-sickness drug which helped. Also I had come to the conclusion I’ve also got a bit anxious so we decided I should have some diazapam more regularly – apparently everyone was given it once upon a time. Later, as the effect of the pill wore off but I couldn’t have another yet I had an injection which just knocked me out entirely and I slept for  a good 2 hours or so and on waking managed a little food.

Since then I have weirdly had a huge fit of sneezing (air con is very drying), flushed my feeding tube and been fixed up to the feeding solution and talked to Bob and a rather shaky skype connection. I’ve also been doing some pacing up and down in my room like a prisoner and done some stretching exercises.

Brain completely gone to mush – consultant advises daytime TV and easy books….. Spot the Dog as much as I can manage I think!

Tomorrow is big chemo day with the main dose with lots of anti-sickness stuff, fluids etc and lollies to suck to help mouth sores. Then Thur or Friday the donor cells will be dripped in.