Stroke Victims Recovering After Stem Cell Therapy

Five stroke victims have shown signs of recovery following pioneering stem cell therapy.

Stem cells were injected directly into damaged areas of stroke victims’ brains in a trial at a Glasgow hospital.

The initial results, being presented at the European stroke conference in London tomorrow, show brain function has improved for five of the nine subjects.

Scientists say this shows the pioneering treatment may ‘kick-start’ the body’s repair process or even turn into the relevant tissue.

Professor Keith Muir said: ‘We remain pleased and encouraged by the data.’

Stroke is the third largest cause of death and the single largest cause of adult disability in the developed world.

Dr Clare Walton, a neuroscientist at the Stroke Association, said: ‘When a stroke strikes, the brain is starved of oxygen and, as a result, brain cells in the affected area die.

‘The use of stem cells is a promising technique which could help to reverse some of the disabling effects of stroke.