Strep tease

WCK had strep throat twice over the winter. Both times, she told me right away that her throat hurt, and I was all, “Oh, flibbidy floo. You’re not really sick. Now, get in the car so we can go to swimming lessons!” And, of course, both times she ended up being really sick and needing antibiotics. She also had to spend two days on the couch watching “A Bunch of Smart-Mouthed Kids”, which is my name for all of the sitcoms on the Disney Channel.

So today when she got into the car after school and told me her throat hurt, my motherly instincts told me right away that she had strep throat. I drove directly to urgent care, because I knew if I waited an extra day to get her into the regular pediatrician, I was looking at at least 48 hours of Disney Channel sitcoms, and I was not going to let that happen.
We got to urgent care and sat in the waiting room watching, of course,  “A Bunch of Smart-Mouthed Kids.” Well, it didn’t matter. I was an excellent mother! A proactive mother! A vigilant mother! I had seen this bout of strep coming a mile away! The doctors would be all, “Ooooooh! We’ve never seen a mother spot strep throat so early! Let’s all gather in the waiting room and give her a standing ovation! Let’s climb up on the chairs and call her, ‘O Captain! My Captain!'”
Except it wasn’t strep.
And that’s good. It’s “Hallelujah!”-type good. It is good that she doesn’t have a bad disease, and also very, very good that she gets to go to school instead of watching the Disney Channel. I’m just wondering when my motherly instincts will ever be correct. All of the moms on “A Bunch of Smart-Mouthed Kids” make it look so easy. Then again, most of them have talking dogs and nannies to help them.