Strapper’s Journey 2009-06-03 22:02:00

The change

Okay everybody, Steph has got so busy building a new company for her job and trying to spend some quality time with her family we have decided to let me take over the blog for a little while tell Steph can come back.
First we would like to thank Steph so much for all she has done with this page and hope that I don’t mess up all her hard work. Thank you Steph we love you.
So I would like to let everyone know I am not as great as Steph at this stuff. So if you will bear with me I will try to keep you up to date as things happen with Mark and his treatments.
Any questions or advice please e-mail or comment me, I will take any I can get.
So let’s back up to Memorial weekend.
Mark was given the okay to go to the dunes. That made him real happy sense he missed Easter weekend. Three of his brother’s and their families came out. Even his Dad & mom came for a day. A lot of our friends were there to help him out.
Mark took his rail to Delta on Saturday to some sand drags that were in town just to see what it would do. He said he heard the Doc say “no riding” he didn’t hear “no driving”. He was careful though.
Mark said he was happier to be driving his semi down there than to be going to the dunes.

This is how Mark likes to travel

This is what friends and family have to do when you brake your toy’s

Okay funs over.
Mark has his schedule for the second transplant. He had his new port put in last week and know he is doing all the testing before transplant. He did labs, pulmonary and ECHO today. Thursday is MRI and CT’s. Friday is the bone biopsy. We meet Dr Zangari on Wednesday the 10th .On the 12 he will start the chemo for four days. If all goes according to schedule then he should transplant on June 16th.
Again Thank you Steph and bear with me everyone.
Also thank you to all of you who do watch Marks blog page.